On Magnus Carlsen – GMs Artur Jussupow and Jan Gustafsson

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Two top grandmasters look at the reasons behind Magnus Carlsen’s remarkable success!

In this DVD, taught by the duo of GMs Jan Gustafsson and Artur Jussupov, we see a great analysis of many of GM Magnus Carlsen’s games that he has played.

The amazing thing about this video is that Artur is able to share his insights into Magnus’ thinking process and explain all of his moves clearly.

This makes every move in the games understandable. You don’t have to guess about the reasons for each move because they are all explained very well. The combination of Arthur’s insights and Jan’s questions really helps us to understand everything that is going on.

The production of the video series is terrific and you will have a much better understanding of Magnus as a player after watching the videos. You’ll be able to appreciate how the highest rated player and World Champion thinks about his moves and how he is able to convert equal positions into wins much more than any other player is able to.

This is a trait of a top player and it is described in detail throughout the DVD. By the end of this DVD, you will know all about Magnus’ thinking process, his reasons behind his best moves and how he became the best player of our day.


1. Introduction
2. Moving towards the King
3. Coordination of the pieces
4. Moving backwards
5. Pendulum
6. Part 5: Improving the position

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3 hours 36 minutes




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