The Najdorf Sicilian Simplified – GM Alex Colovic

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the najdorf simplified

The Najdorf Sicilian Simplified – GM Alex Colovic

It’s the Rolls-Royce of openings…but it takes forever to learn how to drive properly – right?

GM Alex Colovic has been playing the Sicilian Najdorf since he was a kid. It’s in his blood.

It is feared and it is respected. And if you can play this well, you are a player.

But that fearsome reputation for theory is also what puts many off learning it. The Najdorf is just too difficult, isn’t it? Because life is just too short…

Think again. In this exclusive new repertoire built for Chessable, GM Alex Colovic presents a pared-down Najdorf that you can learn with ease.

It is The Skinny Najdorf, The Bitesize Najdorf, The Najdorf Sicilian: Simplified.

This course covers the important aspects of the modern treatment of the variation yet, as much as possible, side-steps the vast library of theory it has developed.

Understand the plans – avoid deep theory

GM Colovic accepts it is impossible to cover everything – who can learn everything? That is why the experienced author has carefully chosen these lines that pay particular attention to the most topical responses played today.

The Najdorf Sicilian: Simplified is a thoroughly modern treatment of the opening with two main aims:

  • Firstly, to provide enough theoretical knowledge so that the student is able to confidently play the Najdorf.
  • Secondly, and this is much more important, to help the student develop a feeling for the positions that arise in the Najdorf variation.

About the Author:

GM Alex Colovic has a BA in English Language and Literature, he achieved the GM title in 2013, has been a chess professional for more than 20 years, participated in many international chess tournaments around the world, winning several national and international championships, he has had his fair share of success as a coach of several teams.

And as an author, he has produced several best-selling works such as his QGD work for Chessable.

What will I learn from this course:

  • 85d68c3f eff3 4112 832f a400d53b00a0Secrets of d5. The critical square in this and many other openings. The trick is to force exchanges that put a White pawn – not piece – on d5. That pawn soon becomes weak and White’s position falls apart trying to defend it (Diagram).
  • Home Fit for a King. Where you put your king is going to have a massive effect on your chances. Do you castle kingside, queenside, or stay in the center? It’s NOT just dependent on where your opponent goes, either. GM Colovic explains all.
  • Reliable Solutions. The English Attack with Be3, f3, and a kingside pawn storm terrifies some players. GM Colovic shows you how to take the sting out of it with the easy-to-remember …h5! move, preventing the g4 push.
  • Model Games. Seeing the ideas in action really makes them stick. This course includes a 2-hour chapter featuring instructive wins in different variations. Learn the game-winning strategies of players like Carlsen and Aronian!

There is no escaping the need for memorization of some forcing lines in the Najdorf. But GM Colovic aims to prepare you with the plans you need for when you or your opponent venture off-grid.

Few know how to present a repertoire on Chessable better than GM Colovic, a life-long Najdorf player.

He was one of our earliest adopters and has become one of our best-selling authors.

GM Colovic knows how to harness the power of our platform to teach openings, and this heavily requested repertoire may be his best effort yet.

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12 hours 15 minutes

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Content Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The positional 6.Be2
  3. The Sozin 6.Bc4
  4. The English Attack 6.Be3
  5. The Aggressive 6.Bg5
  6. The 6.f4 line
  7. The Fianchetto 6.g3
  8. The Modern 6.h3
  9. Odds and Ends
  10. Model Games