My Favorite Alexander Alekhine Games – IM Lawrence Trent

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trick trompowskyLawrence Trent shares his appreciation for some of the games of the fourth World Champion.

Alexander Alekhine was a fearsome fighter, the man who took down the seemingly unbeatable Capablanca.

He was also largely self-taught. As a young man he was talented but unexceptional – his incredible determination, however, made him a world-beater.

IM Lawrence Trent looks at 6 of his favorite games from Alekhine showcasing both his legendary tactical genius and his lesser-known deep strategical understanding.

Becoming familiar with these games is more than just great entertainment. It will open your eyes to the magical possibilities of the chess board.


1. Introduction
2. Bogoljubov vs. Alekhine – Part 1
3. Bogoljubov vs. Alekhine – Part 2
4. Bogoljubov vs. Alekhine – Part 3
5. Reti vs. Alekhine – Part 1
6. Reti vs. Alekhine – Part 2
7. Reti vs. Alekhine – Part 3
8. Alekhine vs. Lasker – Part 1
9. Alekhine vs. Lasker – Part 2
10. Alekhine vs. Euwe – Part 1
11. Alekhine vs. Euwe – Part 2
12. Alekhine vs. Rubinstein – Part 1
13. Alekhine vs. Rubinstein – Part 2
14. Alekhine vs. Bogoljubov – Part 1
15. Alekhine vs. Bogoljubov – Part 2

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