Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 2

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Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 2
Monster your Endgame Planning: Volume 2 Front Cover

In the endgame, correctly evaluating the position, coming up with a plan, and then accurately executing that plan are three important factors that separate the amateur player from the chess expert. In Monster Your Endgame Planning, author GM Efstratios Grivas provides efficient training on these concepts that will help you mature as a player.

In this second volume there are 78 more tests, each based around a game. In each of these tests, there is an evaluation of a diagrammed position, which helps you to understand some important facts about the position itself. A presentation of three possible plans follows. Then you must decide which is the best plan.

After completing the work on each test, you should take a look at the solution, where the game is analyzed until its end, so you can better understand why the rewarded plan was the ‘best’ in the position and how it worked out in a real-life setting.

This volume focuses on endgames with unbalanced material, such as a queen vs a bishop pair, or a rook vs a bishop and knight. Grivas also covers various other must-know endgames in chapter 3 such as the Lucena position.

Different kinds of endgames have specific characteristics. Every serious player must know many typical positions and main principles of all types of endings. That knowledge should help us during the game, but it is not enough to be a good player, not yet. There are just too many different endings, some of them
with two or more pieces, some very complex.

To be comfortable and play well in complex endings, it requires specific knowledge and specific ways of ‘endgame thinking’ – the kind of knowledge you’ll gain by working through this book.

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