A modern way to play the King’s Indian – GM Dejan Bojkov (Physical Disc)



software_requires_windowsThe Zürich Interzonal of 1953 and the marvellous annotations of David Bronstein changed our understanding of the KID. From a second-class opening, it became one of the most aggressive and dangerous setups for the second player. Back in those days players tended to develop their queen’s knight to d7. Later a more central approach came into fashion and the knight found a good square on c6. Current practice though, has revealed that there is one more good square for that piece – the a6 one. From this new outpost the knight is heading for the centre without obstructing its own bishop. Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov is one of the true supporters of such a development. In this DVD you will find a repertoire based on flexible development whenever possible, and an explanation of some strategic nuances of the KID. The author shares with you a lot of novelties that he had prepared throughout his study of the lines.

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2 reviews for A modern way to play the King’s Indian – GM Dejan Bojkov (Physical Disc)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeffrey Bennett

    A brilliant lesson! I’m ready to apply this defense against my main opponent – my older brother! Hahaha! Seriously, it’s a very helpful lesson.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Portia Stephens

    I was very interested in the King’s Indian Defence, a setup I was not familiarized with. I recommend this video very much.

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