Middlegame Pawn Play for Mate: A Chess Player’s Tool Box – IM Danny Kopec

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International Master Dr. Danny Kopec (Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn College)

This is a monumental DVD which a subject that heretofore has been somewhat neglected. It covers how pawns should be used in the middle-game to develop an attack on the opposing king. It includes 27 examples comprised of 7 complete games and 20 game fragments divided into three distinct parts.

Part I of the DVD deals with the situation when the king is caught in the center. Part II of the video discusses the scenario when the king is castled on opposite wings, and Part III is about when the kings are castled on the same side of the board.

  • Part 1: Kings Caught in the Center
  • Part 2: King’s Castled on Opposite Wings
  • Part 3: Kings Castled on the Same Side

Material is illustrated from the praxis of many of the world’s greatest players such as Alekhine, Anand, Topalov, Fischer, and a few postal gems from IM Kopec himself.

Run-time: 4 hours 0 minutes

The physical version of “The Kopec System” is shipped directly from IM Dr. Danny Kopec. Artwork may be different from artwork displayed on the site. (This original 2 video set has been converted to fit on one double layer DVD disc)


This chess Video/DVD covers intermediate and advanced concepts and is aimed for FIDE 1400 players.

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4 hours


Standard H.264. Out of the box compatibility with PC, Mac and all Apple and Android devices.



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June 2006


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