Middlegame Mastery – IM Valeri Lilov

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Middlegame Mastery – Lilov Chess Institute – Vol 03

Learn how to play the middlegame with greater power and more accuracy with this incredible 19 hour course from IM Valeri Lilov.

Split into 3 sections (Positional play; Planning; Calculation and practical play), Middlegame Mastery gives you everything you need to achieve your potential in chess. If you’ve ever found yourself sat at the board wondering what to do, or have struggled to balance your own attack with the threats of your opponent, IM Lilov has pro level insights that will ensure you call the shots.

Covering topics as varied as prophylaxis, creating winning chances and analyzing your own games, this is a truly comprehensive course which will pay enormous dividends to any serious student.

Chapter Outline:

Part 1: Plan to Win

  1. The key elements of a successful plan 
  2. How to find a winning plan 
  3. Following your plan 
  4. Coordination and planning
  5. Strategic planning
  6. Targeting weaknesses 
  7. Exploiting weaknesses
  8. Planning your attack 
  9. Prophylaxis and planning 

Part 2: Positional Mastery

  1. Controlling the center 
  2. Open files and diagonals
  3. King safety
  4. Understanding pawn structures 
  5. How to evaluate positions 
  6. The art of maneuvering 
  7. Strengthening your position
  8. Improving your technique
  9. Understanding prophylaxis 
  10. Critical positional decisions 

Part 3: Calculation and practical play

  1. Candidate moves and calculation 
  2. Candidate moves in the opening
  3. Candidate moves in the endgame 
  4. Decision making
  5. Creating winning chances
  6. Classic attacking patterns 
  7. Defense and counter-attack 
  8. Dynamic play 
  9. Punishing unprepared attacks
  10. Eliminating common mistakes 
  11. Understanding rook endgames 
  12. How to analyze your own games

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19 hours





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