Foxy Chess DVD Bundle – Volumes 101-157

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Foxy Chess Openings
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foxy_descripcion_101_157This product bundle features Volumes 101-157 of the Foxy Chess DVD series.

This chess DVD series is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, dominating chess tactics, deep positional maneuvering, and reinforcing endgame principles.

The Foxy Chess DVD Series
Volumes 101-157 Bundle:

*The Foxy Chess DVD Series features an all-star line-up of well-known presenters including GMs Daniel King, Chris Ward, Ron Henley, Timur Gareev, Ronen Har-Zvi, Julian Hodgson, Nigel Davies, James Plaskett, Aaron Summerscale, Chris Dunworth, Jon Levitt, IMs Andrew Martin, Gary Lane, and many more.

*Receive a 50% Discount Off the individual retail price of all 57 volumes

*57 Volumes covering a variety of openings in great detail. The Foxy Chess DVD Series also provides instruction of more general concepts including middle-game strategy, long-term positional understanding, tactical awareness, and endgame mastery.

*This is the lowest price available on any website for a similar sized Foxy Chess DVD Collection.

*We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on product returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

*Viewers are guaranteed to improve their chess ability with the diverse expertise and high quality production of the Foxy Chess DVD Series.

Click Here for more information on each individual DVD that is part of the 165 Volume set of the Foxy Chess DVD Series.

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