Mastering the Sicilian Defense – Danny Kopec (Paperback)



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Very good breakdown of the maj

Very good breakdown of the major Sicilian lines. A basic knowledge of this defense is advantageous (not a beginner's manual).

Jerome L.

O K Readers, Those of you inte

O K Readers, Those of you interested in this book "Mastering the Sicilian Defense" I WILL QUOTE from its introduction: the first paragraph reads.... "THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR THE PLAYER WHO WISHES TO DEVELOP A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SYSTEMS IN THE SICILIAN DEFENSE. It is NOT a book that attempts to cover ALL lines or variations---OR EVEN THE MOST CURRENT ONES. MY GOAL has been to show the MAIN FORMATION (patterns) AND THEMES , which can arise in DIFFERENT Sicilian variations. The book is written DISTINCTLY FROM BLACK'S POINT OF VIEW AND DESIGNED to provide an inherently SOUND and VIABLE opening repetoire. **** STRUCTURES , typically arising from these systems, will be presented and discussed...." says the AUTHOR, IM Dr. Danny Kopec. THIS BOOK IS RE-PRINTED FROM (2001) and STILL useful today. This 217 page book covers most Open, OFF-BEAT and Closed Sicilian Defense **** STRUCTURES alive today, but there are SSOOOOO many to choose from, it may be short by most standards. I believe this work could have more of a point with modern game data (2001-11) but the modeled games STILL have poignancy. This is an optimal approach to studying this defense and developing your OWN preferred SD system and playing style. The author gives/summarizes the key points of each discussed Sicilian system with recommendations. I recommend this book for chess players still trying to tread through the fathoms of the Sicilian, strong or intermediate/beginner. Now you have a life-boat filled with rations....avoid the sharks and find land! NUFF SAID........


A truly outstanding book. Rath

A truly outstanding book. Rather than providing another boring encyclopedia of every game ever played with this opening, Dr. Kopec explains the principles underlying multiple variations of the Sicilian Defense, from the point of view of the Black pieces. His teaching skills are evident, as he discusses **** structures, and positional and attacking strategies. The illustrative games are instructive and entertaining, spanning the 1800s to the present. I recommend this book for players of any strength.


International Master Dr. Danny Kopec (Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn College)

Quite simply put – the Sicilian Defense is the most popular and most complex of opening systems in chess. It has been the favorite of top players throughout modern times.

There are a number of systems and variations to choose from such as the Scheveningen, Dragon, Najdorf, Boleslavsky, Kan, etc. There are also a number of sharp, complex, theoretical systems and that is why it is aptly named “The Sicilian Jungle.”

IM Dr. Danny Kopec’s addresses the problem of trying to simplify the complexities of the Sicilian Defense from the perspective of STRUCTURE – that is, sound structures for Black, particularly for the endgame.

Dr. Kopec uses a unique method which he calls “Mastery Lessons” to guide the learner towards pawn structures and piece configurations which have been demonstrated to lead to success in certain Sicilian variations.

This approach, developing “heuristic packets”, helped to achieve master level play in his work with computer chess programs.

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220 pages

Publication Date

September 7, 2011


Dr. IM Danny Kopec