Mastering Positional Sacrifice with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

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There are two types of chess sacrifices. The first one involves a forced sequence of moves with instant benefits. Winning material, forking the queen and a rook, or delivering a checkmate are a few examples. The second type is rarely seen at club-level games.

It is far more common in Grandmaster’s chess. Positional sacrifice involves deep positional understanding for obtaining a long-term advantage.

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic is a world-class expert on positional sacrifices and a renowned chess coach.

He believes that without a proper understanding of the positional sacrifice it is next to impossible to reach the 2200 level.

That’s why he recorded this 10-hour training revealing how to make positional sacrifice a powerful weapon at the club level. You don’t need Karpov-like positional understanding, the ingenuity of Tigran Petrosian or photographic memory, and the IQ of Magnus Carlsen.

With this course you’ll be able to add positional sacrifice into your chess toolbox, improving your all-around game in the process and winning a lot of games in style!

Meet the Author

Boroljub ZlatanovicIM Boroljub Zlatanovic [2438 FIDE]

Boroljub Zlatanovic is an International Master and professional chess coach from Serbia. Boroljub has been coaching chess for more than 15 years and his students have shown outstanding results in Youth and Junior Championships. Zlatanovic goes into a list of interesting topics like this, and how to exploit the psychological makeup of your opponent in gaining an advantage as fast as you can. This training differs from the rest—it shows not only which lines to play or such but also… how to change your game based on your opponent’s emotions.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Devastating Exchange Sacrifice – IM Zlatanovic shows how Karpov sacrificed an exchange to set up a powerful blockade, completely disabling his opponent’s rooks and disorganizing pieces.
  • Queen Sac Method – Kasparov sacrificed his Queen for 2 minor pieces and 2 pawns against Kramnik, and completely dominated the game with 4 minor pieces! IM Zlatanovic explains when and how you can copy & paste Kasparov’s idea.
  • Unleashing the Bishop Pair – Ulf Andersson gives a clear and precise masterclass for activating the monster bishop pair, by sacrificing an exchange (this is a must-know theme for any ambitious player).
  • Pawn Dynamite – Capablanca shows how a “little” pawn sacrifice would make his opponent’s position collapse… like a set of dominos!
  • Dark-Squares Magic – 2500-rated GM from India shocked the World by sacrificing the Queen on move 9 (!!) against the World’s #2 Alireza Firouzja and beat him in style by exploiting the dark square weaknesses!

And these are just 5 practical examples of how positional sacrifice will help you win more games! IM Zlatanovic gives you a complete breakdown of positional play with positional sacrifice and coaches you on getting the advantage in imbalanced positions. Your rivals will have no idea what’s happening on the board until it’s simply too late. This will result in many unexpected victories against even much stronger opponents.

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Content Outline

Chapter 1. Topalov’s Positional Sacrifice

Chapter 2. Paralyzing Opponent

Chapter 3. Dominating on the Light Squares

Chapter 4. Bishop Invasion

Chapter 5. Good Bishop

Chapter 6. Exchange Sacrifice to Simplify and Win

Chapter 7. Liberating Pawn Flank

Chapter 8. Dark Squares Play

Chapter 9. Multiple Sacrifices to Win the Ending

Chapter 10. Stopping Opponent’s Development

Chapter 11. Activating Bishop

Chapter 12. Launching a Winning Attack

Chapter 13. Creating an Outpost for the Knight

Chapter 14. Blockade

Chapter 15. Blockade and Attack

Chapter 16. Bishop Pair

Chapter 17. Central Pawns Flank

Chapter 18. Destroying Opponent’s Defense

Chapter 19. Central Pawns Structure

Chapter 20. Clearing Diagonals and Launching an Attack