Mastering Basic Rook Endgames

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Mastering Basic Rook Endgames
Mastering Basic Rook Endgames Front Cover

Written by 3 of the world-leading endgame experts, FIDE Senior Trainers IGM MikhalchishinIGM Grivas, and IGM Balogh, this is part of a series of FIDE-approved manuals on chess endgames.

A total of 14 endgame books will take you step-by-step from king & pawn endgames all the way through to extremely complex and materially unbalanced endgames. Become an expert and learn to enjoy even more the “silent beauty” of the chess endgame.

In this volume, GM Mikhalchisin covers the rook endings that are the most frequently seen. The author shows the necessary mixture of basic positions and different important maneuvers that are typical for rook endings. We have a few great masters of rook endings to help us, in particular, the
likes of Akiba Rubinstein and Vasily Smyslov.

When training, many players just endlessly repeat opening variations, leaving the endgame out completely — and this is punished terribly by the time
controls, when players usually end up with little time in the endgame. The sheer quantity of mistakes, even among grandmasters, is constantly
increasing — proportional to the smaller amount of time that players spend studying the endgame! By studying this book, you’ll be giving yourself a real edge against your opponents.

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