Master the Middlegame – GM Damian Lemos

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GM Damian LemosGrandmaster Damian Lemos’ excellent presentation skill guides you through this DVD which is 8/10 of The Club Player’s Manifesto produced by the World Leader in DVD instruction

This DVD has emphasis on the ‘middle game’ looking at ideas and concepts based around Pawn Structure, Bishop Pair, King’s Pawn Cover and many more elements. The opening is also considered on the lead in to the resulting middle games. Many methods and concepts are considered including:

Using the extra space in the French Advance Variation, Advantages of playing The French Advance Variation, Keep the Pawn Chain solid, The Bd3 Gambit explained, Gaining Activity against Black’s Center is useful for White, Fixed Central Pawns become easy targets for attack, Third Rank Attack from Rooks can be lethal contributions to the attack, Outside Passed Pawns enable easy victories and many more, in what is a brilliant approach to learning the core essentials for Club players up to Candidate Masters succinctly guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos one of the World Leaders in Chess DVD presentation brought to you exclusively by

RELOADED Edition! – Highlights

  • Exclusive Grandmaster/Master Video by a brilliant presenter. We preselect only the most compelling and interesting Grandmasters and Masters to make DVDs for us.
  • Highest quality audio and video available with Grandmaster Webcam. No more wasted time listening to low quality videos where it’s hard to hear the audio and video.
  • In depth text chapter summaries in PDF format of each DVD’s content to easily reference if you need a quick refresher on a specific topic.
  • 10 relevant and challenging practice problems per disc with solutions so you can test your learning and knowledge.
  • PGNs included for every game so you can plug the games into your favorite chess engine.
  • Brought to you by – The World Leaders in DVD education.


1. Fischer-Unzicker
2. Troianescu-Petrosian
3. Byrne-Anderson
4. Nimzowisch-Salwe
5. Forgats-Tartakower

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GM Damian Lemos


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3 reviews for Master the Middlegame – GM Damian Lemos

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Adam Mason

    This DVD explains some variation I hadn’t dominated before, like the French Advance Variation and all its advantages. Awesome classes!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daisy Morales

    I bought this DVD for my husband (a experienced chess player) and is wonderful seeing him watching this DVD and practicing during weekends. He is happy and I appreciate this kind of trainings.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Morty Nowak

    Nothing but good things to say about GM Lemos teaching style, however for a beginner like myself, I found the lessons hard to follow at times. No doubt when I acquire a deeper understanding of the game I will review this DVD and surely then I`ll be able to understand much more about these concepts.

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