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The Master Method series lets you hear the secrets of success from some of the world’s best players and coaches. Each of the volumes, which range from 5-15 hours in running time, lays bare the most efficient way to improve at specific chess topics, enabling you to benefit from the presenter’s hard-earned experience.

Now, for the first time, we’ve brought together ALL of the Master Method series into one great value bundle, giving you instant access to the complete, world class, chess instruction.

Want to follow the same learning method Susan Polgar uses in her record-breaking SPICE program, the program that created world stars such as Wesley So? Ever wondered what secrets allow prodigies like Daniel Naroditsky to achieve supernova progress? The Master Method Mega Bundle allows you to get this information directly from the players themselves!

Then you get world class GMs like Olympic gold winner Sam Shankland, Team USA coach Alex Lenderman and 2700 players Liem Le Quang and Paco Vallejo giving you pro-level training in essential skills like dynamic chess, imposing your will, managing your emotions and understanding pawn structure.

Add to this FM Melekhina’s superb guide to discovering your personal style and honing it to perfection.

The Master Method Mega Bundle gives the serious chess student everything they could need to achieve success along with a big discount on the cost of the individual courses.

Included products:

The Polgar Method - GM Susan Polgar

The Polgar Method – GM Susan Polgar’s Complete Course for Club Players

Susan Polgar is a FIDE Senior trainer and has coached some of the best players in the world. Now you can benefit from Susan’s expertise with her brand new, 10 volume training program, The Polgar Method.

Most players are let down by their weaknesses. The Polgar Method fixes that with a specific course on each aspect of chess.

GM Susan Polgar has decades of experience of coaching at the highest level. A former prodigy, she knows what works and what is most useful at the board. The Polgar Method is loaded with lessons and practical advice to increase your  chess understanding and help you find the strongest move at the board.

If you want a training program you can follow from start to finish and emerge a much better player at the end of it, presented by perhaps the most respected coach in the world, check out The Polgar Method

The Naroditsky Method – GM Daniel Naroditsky

This superb 15 hours course from prodigy GM Naroditsky reveals his method for getting better at chess. Broken down into sections on the opening, tactics, calculation, positional play and endgames, Daniel explains what you need to do to get real improvement in each of these areas.

In each of the 18 chapters, GM Naroditsky selects his favorite examples and talks you through his chess philosophy and thought process, guiding you around all the common mistakes players make and delivering you to the perfect solution.

In addition, Daniel reveals his method for training and improving in each area: how to build an opening repertoire that suits you; the best ways to improve your tactical ability and how learn the endgame.

As someone who has experienced phenomenal success and rapid improvement, Daniel’s advice on how to apply what he teaches is invaluable and his focus on principles makes this advanced material accessible to any determined improver.


The Lenderman Method – GM Aleksandr Lenderman

This superb 15 hour course from Super GM Alex Lenderman (peak Elo 2636) reveals his method for playing dynamic, attacking chess. In each of the 8 chapters, GM Lenderman looks at a different type of sacrifice, from pawns in the opening all the way to Queens in the middlegame!

The aim of each sacrifice is to upset the balance and exchange material for activity, an attack or a long-term positional advantage, such as obtaining a key square or the bishop pair. It’s this ability to disrupt play and dictate proceedings that separate the very best players from everyone else.

GM Lenderman breaks down the inner workings of some of the most brilliant, creative play, lucidly explaining how and why the ideas work, giving you a rich repertoire of attacking – and, in some cases, defensive – resources.

The Le Quang Method – GM Liem Le Quang

GM Liem Le Quang is one of the world’s top 30 players with a Super GM rating of 2718. When we asked him to create a chess improvement course based on his philosophy, he enthusiastically suggested a masterclass on the most common and instructive pawn structures. The result: the Liem Le Quang Method.

Over the course of 5 hours, Liem helps you peer into the soul of chess, revealing how to play his 5 essential structures for both sides. By understanding where to place your pieces and how to conduct the various attacking options available to you, you’ll be able to dominate your games, safe in the knowledge that your plan is backed by a 2700 rated GM.

GM Le Quang starts each chapter by examining the skeleton structure, explaining where the opportunities and threats lie and which plans accompany each.

The Shankland Method – GM Sam Shankland

This incredible 16 hour course from Super GM Sam Shankland (2674 Elo) reveals his approach to becoming a master calculator and finding the most forcing, powerful moves at the board.

In each of the 55 chapters, GM Shankland examines an instructive, dynamic game, revealing why and how the winner was able to create chances and convert them into victory. Sam asks us to consider one question: if we have a strategic or tactical aim but our opponent seems to be preventing it, what happens if we play it anyway?

It’s this consideration that allows us to put maximum pressure on our opponents and opens up a new world of creative possibilities at the board.

The Melekhina Method – FM Alisa Melekhina

Alisa Melekhina’s comprehensive course on practical power play is an essential for any tournament players looking to improve their results and reach the next level in their chess. Over the course of 15 hours, she equips the audience with the fundamentals of chess understanding, and, more importantly, a clear method for self-improvement.

The Melekhina Method will help you cultivate your style of play based on fundamentals, rather than focusing an opening repertoire that may be a bad fit. Along the way, you’ll be encouraged to introspect on your chess preferences in shaping your practical play for ultimate success.

The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo

In this superb 9 hour course, GM Francisco ‘Paco’ Vallejo Pons reveals the most instructive moments from his games, focusing on the practical decisions that won or lost the game.

Paco is one of the world’s top players with a rating over 2700, is a former World Youth Champion and defeated Veselin Topalov in their 2012 match. In The Paco Vallejo Method, he presents his golden rules of practical chess success, tips that will help any player get the most from their ability.

Time, Space and Harmony – The Krush Method

Learn how to attack with speed, conquer territory and harmonize your pieces so they strike with maximum effect. Learn the techniques that change a tough position into one where you’re fighting for the win.

Make fast progress by mastering the pillars of chess expertise with the Krush Method.

The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery – The Lemos Method

You’ll learn how to build up your opening repertoire from basic to advanced, create winning chances against passive players and add the most powerful ideas of all time to your game.

As well as the 15 hours of video coaching, you get PGNs of the featured games, practical tests and a course summary to reinforce the new ideas.

Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian  – The Judit Polgar method

n this 15 hour course, Judit reveals everything she learned from an entire career spent playing both sides of the Sicilian.

Every chapter covers a different theme, each one illustrated with fantastic, instructive games from the likes of Tal and Fischer. How to handle the hole on d5; when to play the e5 advance and how to create winning chances with spectacular sacrifices.

On top of that, Judit analyzes her games against her biggest rivals, including Kasparov, Anand, Topalov and Ivanchuk.

Secrets of the Sicilian teaches chess, not opening theory, and is a fascinating insight into the world of top level chess.

This is Judit’s only video course and includes over 15 hours of material, puzzles, a course summary, the PGN containing over 50 games and the video of a Q&A session with Judit.

Naiditsch’s Tournament Preparation Guide – The Naiditsch Method

Join Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737) as he takes on 4 of the world’s top 10 players in the Grenke Chess Classic.

In a unique format, GM Naiditsch shares his thoughts, feelings, and plans before and after each round, giving incredible insight into the world of a competitive player.

Learn how a chess pro prepares for specific opponents, how he manages his emotions after good and disappointing results plus get inside a Super GM’s thought process as Arkadij analyzes each of his games right after finishing playing.

Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method)

In this comprehensive 15 hour course, Simon reveals the training secrets and shortcuts that helped him become a GM with a fraction of the time and effort it takes most people.

You’ll learn how to get an opening repertoire that fits your style and become an expert in it, not by memorizing a ton of theory, but by absorbing the key patterns.

Dynamic Chess Secrets (Sokolov Method)

From building an opening repertoire that works for you to the 10 endgames you really must know, Dynamic Chess Secrets gives you everything you need to become a dominant competitive player.

The material in this course has been chosen for its practical strength. You’ll learn powerful ideas like the Velimirovic Attack and how to win the initiative.

The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)

American GM Bryan Smith believes there are just a few factors that really make the difference in becoming a top player. He calls them “The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength”.

In this course, Bryan helps you climb each of these 4 pillars: calculation, intuitive understanding, concrete knowledge and psychological factors. Study hard and, by the end of the 14½ hours, you will be a razor-sharp, mentally tough competitor, ready to conquer any challenge.

Killer Chess Skills (The Kosintseva Method)

Discover how to hit hard with attacks that overload your opponent; throw the game into controlled chaos with a killer pawn sac and learn how to handle your pieces like a positional master.

Nadya draws on the most instructive games from GM play to illustrate subtleties rarely discussed outside private training. GM Kosintseva’s position as both coach and champion enables her to teach concepts so you understand and can apply them

Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player (The Shankland Method 2)

Now you can stand out and get the edge in your games with Tactics & Calculation for the Ambitious Player from Olympiad Gold winner, GM Sam Shankland.

This stunning 16 hour course breaks down the deadliest tactics from top-level play, uniquely splitting them into 6 categories, ranging from Attacking the King to Endgame Tactics.

Achieving your Chess Potential (The Naroditsky Method 2)

GM Daniel Naroditsky draws on his experience as both a prodigy and a coach to identify and cure the 15 biggest weaknesses that hold chess players back – many of which you may have never realized were serious problems before.

By understanding why one mistake follows another, why we suddenly miss an obvious move and how we somehow get out pieces tangled up, we become aware of the potential for these mistakes before making them, enabling us to play better chess.

Secrets of Modern Masterpieces (The Balogh Method)

Super GM and former European Youth Champion Csaba Balogh (2634) has collected 43 games worthy of the “masterpiece” title, each one an instructive example of the 5 skills critical for practical success: endgame tactics, converting a space advantage, sacrificing material, fighting chess and perfect preparation.

With over 15 hours of expertly analyzed games, Secrets of Modern Masterpieces is a treasure trove of winning ideas, skills and techniques which cannot fail to improve the game of any serious student.

From Amateur to Master (The Lilov Method)

Drawing on his immense coaching experience, IM Lilov has produced an incredibly comprehensive 30 hour training, giving you all the positional understanding, all the tactical intelligence, needed to reach master level.

And Valeri doesn’t just dump the material on you, he explains how to integrate this new knowledge into your play so it becomes second nature.

The Anna Rudolf Method – Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!

IM Anna Rudolf (aka Miss Strategy) has found the solution. Instead of cramming our brains with endless amounts of new knowledge, we need to fix the 5 holes through which valuable rating points leak.

Blunders, missing winning opportunities, missing the strongest plan, underestimating your opponent’s strategy and fear/complacency. These are the real barriers holding you back.

The 15 hour Anna Rudolf Method teaches you how to solve these problems and achieve your potential by becoming a master of awareness, emotions and targeting weaknesses.

Revolutionize your Chess (The GingerGM Method 2)

Learn how to get fantastic positions with a complete attacking repertoire, focusing on the must-know strategies and tactical motifs. With your chess pieces in aggressive formation early in the game, you will be ready to destroy your opponents!

The second part of the course helps you seal the win. Learning from the games of such giants as Tal, Alekhine, Botvinnik and Karpov, you will learn some advanced methods for finding the very strongest move. GM Williams teaches you innovative concepts such as “the awakening”, and will shares his #1 secret for improving your visualization skills!

Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2)

In his second Master Method, GM Aleksandr Lenderman continues to unravel the hidden secrets of sacrifices and dynamic play. But now he takes things to the World Champion level with revealing analysis of the best ideas of the greatest chess players in chess history.

Studying games from all 16 World Champions, from Steinitz to Carlsen, you will follow the evolution of both positional and dynamic ideas over time, giving you a multi-layered chess understanding. And you even get bonus chapters on game-winning ideas dreamt up by other greats such as Chigorin, Bronstein, Korchnoi and Topalov.

Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player  (Naiditsch Method 2)

GM Naiditsch begins with a deep exploration of the Najdorf, an extremely sharp and powerful opening, showing how rich it can be, and how many creative options Black has as their disposal.

Next, GM Naiditsch analyses some of the greatest attacking games of recent memory, from a beautiful queen sacrifice from Radjabov, to Caruana’s daring pawn rush. You’ll pick up some of the key attacking ideas being employed by the world’s best.

The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method)

Now Romain has created DNA of a Chess Champion, a 14 hour intensive training program that will teach you both the advanced chess techniques and psychological strength you need to dominate in chess competitions.

From dynamic attacking play and powerful positional mastery to excelling in the endgame and eliminating mistakes, DNA of a Chess Champion teaches you how to become a serial winner.

The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)

Nigel Short has been competing at the top level for 5 decades and counting. During this time, he’s beaten every World Champion from Karpov to Carlsen, and become the only Englishman to have challenged for the title, taking on Kasparov in their controversial 1993 match.

His razor-sharp, creative tactical ability has been a major factor in his success. And now you can learn how to improve your tactics from Nigel himself in his stunning 15½ hour Master Method.

Mihail Marin’s Attacking Academy (The Marin Method)

GM Mihail Marin is one of the most respected coaches in the world today having trained the young Judit Polgar and being praised for his ability to explain deep chess truths in a way improving players can understand.

Now, GM Marin pours his enormous experience and knowledge of the game into his 16 hour Master Method, Marin’s Attacking Academy.

How I Became an IM (The Bulmaga Method)

In this 15 hour course, IM Bulmaga will show you how to play the repertoire of sidelines that helped her reach gain more than 200 Elo points.

With these openings you will be ready to take your rivals out of their comfort zone and beat them on your battleground!

The Bulletproof French Defense (The Libiszewski Method)

You will learn grandmaster strategies that will turn your initial cramped position into total domination of the board, plus discover sneak ways to lure your rivals into tempting but deadly traps that give you quick wins.

Mastering the French Defense works perfectly as both a complete training course and as an invaluable reference guide. And who better to learn the French Defense from than a French GM!

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