The London System Vs Queen’s Indian Defense – GM Ron W. Henley

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Henley London vs QID Launch GDN

The Queen’s Indian can be tricky to face.

Those who play it normally know it inside-out.

That b7 bishop is soon going to be gunning down the long diagonal, putting bullets in your center pawns, and taking aim at your king.

GM Ron W. Henley has the solution.

He recommends a special way of playing the London System that targets the weaknesses of the Queen’s Indian.

Black needs to play …c5 at some point to challenge your d4 pawn – and that leaves a Grand Canyon-sized hole on d6.

A few nimble maneuvers like Nd2-c4-d6 and Black is in a whole world of pain.

GM Henley reveals a ton of ways to hit Queen’s Indian players where it hurts in his awesome new 10h 20m course!

About the Author:

Ron W. Henley is an American chess grandmaster, writer, narrator, and producer of chess videos.

Henley obtained the International Master title in 1980 and the Grandmaster title in 1982. He also appeared on the cover of Chess Life in 1982, representing the United States.

henley london vs qid

Aside from being a strong player in his own right, GM Henley acted as second, analyst and trainer for former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in many of his matches in the 1990s.

Ron Henley also trained 7-time US Women’s Champion, GM Irina Krush.

How do I benefit from this course?

This course will make you a better London System player, providing you with effective ways to take down Queen’s Indian players.

And, in typical Ron Henley style, it’s light on theory, rich in ideas.

  • carlsen london
    Magnus Carlsen – Varuzhan Akobian

    The Magnus Method. Everything looks so normal… then you hammer out a few quick moves and those pawns are rolling! Ron reveals how to adapt Carlsen’s passed pawn strategy to take down your stunned rivals. (Diagram).

  • Removing the Hedgehog’s Spines. Most Queen’s Indian players put their faith in the hedgehog formation, hoping to free their game by playing …e5 and trading a few pieces. Ron shows you how to clamp down on Black’s plan with Re1 or Qe2… explaining which move to use (and when) for maximum effect.
  • The Quasi-Queen’s Indian. Your opponent might play …e6 and then an early …Qb6, hitting b2 – and you need to know how to handle this. GM Henley analyzes some classics – including a 22-move demolition by GM Susan Polgar – to demonstrate how to deal with this wandering queen.
  • The Octopus Knight. Your Bf4 and Nd2-Nc4 maneuvers give you control over d6… perfect for installing a deadly “octopus knight” there. This gets in the way of everything Black wants to do… scatter Black’s pieces and use d6 as a springboard for lethal attacks.

And as usual, you will benefit from the useful and essential PDF Summary and Tactical Training Test, PLUS a PGN Database so you can play and analyze the games covered in the course.

Do not hesitate and add this great weapon to your repertoire!

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