The London System Mega Bundle

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Chess Openings for White: The London System Mega Bundle

The London System Mega Bundle

The London System Mega Bundle

The London System is a chess opening for White that usually starts with the moves 1.d4 and 2.Bf4 (or 2.Nf3 first, followed by 3.Bf4) by White.

This flexible chess opening is a weapon that you can use against virtually any Black defense and has a smaller body of theory than many other openings.

The London System is one of the chess openings for White where White begins with the move 1.d4, but doesn’t play the Queen’s Gambit. It normally results in a closed game.

This makes it the perfect choice for busy club players who prefer to understand key strategic and tactical ideas instead of having to memorize an endless number of theoretical variations.

For a long time, the London System was considered to be a dry and boring opening, used by players who just wanted to get a playable position out of the opening. Nowadays, thanks to developments in theory, it has become a popular choice for club players and top-level grandmasters alike due to the winning chances it offers.

About the Authors:

GM Damian Lemos

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina.

Lemos was no stranger to success from an early age, achieving the FIDE Master title at only 14 years old, International Master at 15, and Grandmaster at 18.

GM Ron W. Henley

Ron Henley (born December 5, 1956, in Houston, Texas) is an American chess grandmaster, writer, narrator, and producer of chess videos.

Henley obtained the International Master title in 1980 and the Grandmaster title in 1982. He appeared on the cover of Chess Life in 1982, representing the United States.

Aside from being a strong player in his own right, GM Henley acted as second, analyst and trainer for former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in many of his matches in the 1990s.

IM Eric Rosen

Eric Rosen is an International Master born in the U.S. Rosen showed his interest in the game from a very young age.

He learned the rules of the game at age 7 and competed in his first tournament at age 8. By age 9, he won the IL 3rd Grade State Championship. Rosen became a National Master in 2009, a FIDE Master in 2011, and an International Master in 2015.

Is this course for me?

If you want to learn a clever opening system that even Kramnik has now decided to turn to, The London System is definitely one of the best chess openings for White that you can play.

The London System Mega Bundle

The London System Opening against 2… d5

The main move order to reach this opening system is 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4. It used to be considered as an opening in which White gives up his first-move-advantage without a fight.

However, in this super London System bundle, GM Henley, GM Lemos, and IM Rosen will show you that the London System is an underestimated opening system – even if it has become fashionable nowadays. More and more top players include it in their repertoire and play it occasionally.

Here are some of the most important things that you’ll learn:

The London System (Lemos Deep Dive Vol 2)

1. You’ll learn Damian’s “caveman” technique for using the bishop pair to create terrifying attacks on
the kingside (it looks crude, but even GRANDMASTERS have lost to this “blitzkrieg” attack!)

2. GM Lemos will also show you how to play the system in a calm and positional manner with
absolutely no risk (perfect for slowly outplaying mega-tactical kids and other less experienced

3. You get fantastic extras including PGNs, puzzles and a course summary for quick revision and
to play sparring games in your new system.

London System Reloaded – Henley Method #2

The London System Mega Bundle

White’s attack on The London System

It is a common occurrence that club players try to develop naturally against the London System and end up falling victim to a devastating attack or simply find themselves in a strategically lost position. The London System can be a very powerful weapon to surprise your opponents and unleash unexpected attacks against their king.

The following position illustrates White’s attacking chances on the kingside with a typical position White can achieve from the London System:

There are also several setups for Black which are a lot less common and not played that frequently.

GM Ron Henley will help you learn the essential ideas on how to build these powerful attacks and play against all of Black’s setups.

The London System – IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics #4]

If you’d like to learn all the typical tactical ideas that can arise from the London System, then IM Eric Rosen has got you covered.

This course is designed to give you the best return on your training time by hitting 3 areas at once:

  • Mastering The London System by observing games from some of the strongest players in the world.
  • Understanding Tactical patterns.
  • Calculation.

Analysing games from Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, and Hikaru Nakamura will help you dominate all the concepts and possibilities of the system by just observing how the strongest players execute.

Everything you need to become a master of the London System!

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