London System for White with IM Marcin Sieciechowicz

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london system for white with im marcin sieciechowicz

The London System is a very sound and rock-solid setup… you don’t even have to learn a lot of theory.

The same move order against almost any defense conjured up by Black, the same ideas and plans…

This is a dream come true for every club-level player.

One question often stops advanced-level players from trying it out. Is it deadly and harmful enough?

Or does Black usually end up equalizing with White… and even gaining the upper hand if he knows what he is doing?

Or is this opening just not critical enough and could bore the tactician inside you to death?

To put these questions to rest, IM Marcin Sieciechowicz is here with his London System for White.

9 hours and 50 minutes of intensive video lessons, covering the complicated Grunfeld to the tricky Benoni to the dubious Dutch.

SieciechowiczAbout The Author:

IM Marcin Sieciechowicz

Marcin is the winner of many medals in the Polish junior chess championships over the years, including the gold medal in the Polish junior chess championship in 2010 (under 18). He made two of his IM norms before reaching the age of 18, and the last in 2010, becoming an International Master just after his 18th birthday. He has two GM norms, made in 2010 and 2013, his highest rating was 2462.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Color complex fights. In the Queen’s Indian setup, White controls the dark squares, whereas Black controls the light squares. Learn how to lock certain areas of the board, gain a knight outpost in the center of the board, and much more.
  • Checks, no castling. The Slav setup is crazy! Put a check on your opponent’s king, and he loses the right to castle. It’s not drawish though. Learn how to activate your King faster than Black and create killer passed pawns for promotion.
  • Benoni traps. If you are playing the London and your opponent whips out the Benoni, be careful! The Benoni hold tactical potential along with posing positional threats. Let Marcin show you a game where the London crumbled against the Benoni.
  • London for WhiteLots of bite power. Check out the game between Ponomariov and Eljanov played in the 2010 Blitz Championship. Ponomariov went for an early d5… see how Eljanov punished him for long castling and harassed his king over the board.
  • Early attack on bishop. The knight in the King’s Indian setup can quickly threaten the capture of White’s dark-squared bishop. You cannot avoid the capture but you must know the tactical consequences of the same (Diagram).

Learn to play the London as White… not for the half point but for the full point!

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9 hours 50 minutes

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Content Outline

Chapter 1. Illustrative Games
Chapter 2. Dutch Setup
Chapter 3. Dutch Setup Games
Chapter 4. Queen’s Indian Setup
Chapter 5. Queen’s Indian Setup Games
Chapter 6. Slav Setup
Chapter 7. Slav Setup Games
Chapter 8. Benoni Setup
Chapter 9. Benoni Setup Games
Chapter 10. Black Plays d5 (System with e6 – Secondary Lines)
Chapter 11. Black Plays d5 (System with e6 – Secondary Lines) Games
Chapter 12. Black Plays d5 (System with e6 – Main Lines)
Chapter 13. Black Plays d5 (System with e6 – Main Lines) Games
Chapter 14. Black Plays d5 (without Early e6 – Caro-Kann Setup)
Chapter 15. Black Plays d5 (without Early e6 – Caro-Kann Setup) Games
Chapter 16. Black Plays d5 (without Early e6 – Main Lines)
Chapter 17. Black Plays d5 (without Early e6 – Main Lines) Games
Chapter 18. King’s Indian Setup
Chapter 19. King’s Indian Setup Games
Chapter 20. Grunfeld Setup
Chapter 21. Grunfeld Setup Games