The London System (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos






Reap the rewards that come with having a powerful, flexible opening system you can play against nearly anything Black responds with: the London System.

In this 9 hour Deep Dive course, GM Damian Lemos reveals everything you need to know to gain space, control the game and start your devastating attack. Black only has a few sensible ways to respond to this system and Damian gives you clear strategies for beating all of them!

This is the perfect opening for players who prefer to understand ideas rather than memorize endless variations. GM Lemos explains the logic behind everything White is trying to achieve and illustrates each plan with superb, memorable games by players like Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik and Alexander Grischuk.

If you want an opening system to call your own, one which you can force your opponents into and then outplay them with your expertise, master the London System with GM Lemos’ Deep Dive course!


  1. Ideas behind the London System: Kamsky-Steingrimsson
  2. 6…Bd6 variation: Grischuk-Wang Hao
  3. Symmetrical variation: Carlsen-Giri
  4. Slaying the Slav setup: Grischuk-Bartel
  5. Queenside control: Kramnik-Dubov
  6. Beating the …g6 systems: Grachev-Kyc
  7. Punishing the …c5 break: Torre-Srivachirawat
  8. Taking down targets: Prie-Martin Alvarez
  9. Reducing Black’s counterplay: Sandipan-Arun Prasad
  10. Dealing with …Qb6: Ni-Igonin
  11. Early Queen exchange: Kamsky-Tokarev and Grachev-Ivanov
  12. Tricky ideas: Miles-Minasian
  13. Instructive miniatures: Berkes-Czebe and Sedlak-Hobber
  14. Powerful attacks: Chernyshov-Gayer and Chernyshov-Seres


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2 reviews for The London System (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    JEROME (verified owner)

    99 euros for a content less instructive than most of the publications on the site and many lines not covered…I’m very very disapointed
    iChess Response Sorry you were not happy Jerome, we’ve already initiated an exchange for another item for you. Most customers have been very happy with the London system series, its one of our best sellers

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephen (verified owner)

    I found this course very worthwhile and a very good value. I played chess in high school, then dropped-out of chess for many decades, returning in 2017. I started with the London about four months ago @1420 and am currently playing @1950.The London is very solid and gives you time to think and develop your position. Most opponents dismiss the London as stolid and draw-ish, but recent enhancements almost guarantee you the center and make it very powerful on either wing. Most opponents find themselves in trouble by about move #8. In addition, most players play tactical, flashy chess. Because it has so few easy targets, the London kills almost all tactical counter-play. Opponents get frustrated and tend to lash-out prematurely … with bad results. The course covers most of the modern London. I find that I ping-pong back and forth with the course: I play a game, then I go back to the DVDs and look at other variations and possible defenses. Then back to live play; then back to the course. I also have four in-depth books on the London. But they are, by comparison, very difficult and slow to read. Having only had books and magazines growing-up playing chess, video puts learning the game light-years ahead of book-learning. Six hours and easily referenceable (he splits the opening into the various typical defenses such as K Indian, Q Indian, Slav, etc.), I think Lemos’s course is a great buy.

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