Lilov Chess Institute Megabundle (Vol. 01- 04)

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Lilov Chess Institute – Vol. 01 – 04

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If you’re a club player looking for a systematic approach to improving your game then the Lilov Chess Institute series is the ideal solution. Presented by super coach IM Valeri Lilov, each volume gives you the training you need to succeed in competitive chess – or just enjoy the game at much deeper level. With a total running time of 66 hours and a big discount on the individual pricing, the LCI Mega Bundle delivers incredible value.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great to have, highly recommended”

Murali R. (Canada) – Verified buyer – 2 Dec 2019

What do you get?

Firstly, a complete repertoire for both colors. Never again be stuck, spending half an hour on your first 10 moves and still getting in trouble. IM Lilov has produced a repertoire that allows you to play for the win, regardless of your opponent’s first move or subsequent replies. Designed to be easy to learn and remember, you’ll be fully prepared whilst also having enough options to make it near impossible for your opponents to prepare for you.

Next you get that rare find: an explanation of the strategic ideas behind the openings. More than just recommended moves, this course reveals why certain moves are better than others in relation to the position on the board. While each lesson focuses on a particular variation, what you’re really learning here is master level strategy. Now you will know how to execute your middlegame plan to perfection.

Then, in Middlegame Mastery, IM Lilov trains you in the most useful skills for coming out on top in this critical phase of the game: planning, calculation, positional evaluation and practical play. Your thinking will be quicker, focus only on the best ideas and you will be able to impose your will on your opponent, giving you an enormous edge.

If you want to upgrade your skillset, play the openings quickly and accurately and dominate games more frequently, take your seat at the Lilov Chess Institute.

LCI Bundle 2022

Vol 01 – Openings for Club Players (Opening Repertoire for White & Black)

If you want to be able to get better positions out of the opening – and avoid any nasty traps – this comprehensive repertoire from IM Valeri Lilov is the ideal solution. IM Lilov has selected his favorite systems to deal with the openings you are most likely to face in club and tournament play.

This bundle brings together the Lilov Chess Institute Opening Repertoire for White and Opening Repertoire for Black to form a complete opening repertoire that will pay you dividends for the rest of your chess career!

Vol02 – Ideas Behind the Openings

With this new, 16 hour course, IM Valeri Lilov sets out to solve one of the biggest problems for club players: how to improve their openings.

Instead of presenting a never-ending stream of computer-recommended variations, Valeri describes the strategic aims of each side. Things like where to place each piece, which side of the board to attack on and which exchanges benefit you.

Each chapter is labeled to help you quickly find the information you need to learn. With over 16 hours of material, it could become overwhelming, but not if you start with the videos related to the opening you play most often. Once you’ve absorbed the ideas behind this, move on the next one.

Vol03 – Middlegame Mastery

Learn how to play the middlegame with greater power and more accuracy with this incredible 19 hours course from IM Valeri Lilov.

Split into 3 sections (Positional play; Planning; Calculation and practical play), Middlegame Mastery gives you everything you need to achieve your potential in chess. If you’ve ever found yourself sat at the board wondering what to do, or have struggled to balance your own attack with the threats of your opponent, IM Lilov has pro level insights that will ensure you call the shots.

Covering topics as varied as prophylaxis, creating winning chances and analyzing your own games, this is a truly comprehensive course which will pay enormous dividends to any serious student.

Vol04 – Secrets Of The Middlegame

Inject more power into your middlegame play with IM Valeri Lilov’s 12 hours intensive course on the 5 skills all successful players must master.

Learn how to create attacks that overload your opponent’s defense. How to improve your pieces with every move and calculate accurately, seeing further ahead than your rivals, allowing you to find that game-winning sting in the tail. Valeri also reveals his personal approach to devising cunning strategies and gives brilliant insights into the art of managing your emotions… and controlling those of your opponent!

Covering topics as varied as psychology, King hunts and analyzing master games, this is a truly comprehensive course which will pay enormous dividends to any serious student.


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