The Lenderman Method 01 and 02 – GM Aleksandr Lenderman

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Master Method Series #05

This superb 15-hour course from Super GM Alex Lenderman (peak Elo 2636) reveals his method for playing dynamic, attacking chess.

In each of the 8 chapters, GM Lenderman looks at a different type of sacrifice, from pawns in the opening all the way to Queens in the middlegame!

The aim of each sacrifice is to upset the balance and exchange material for activity, an attack or a long-term positional advantage, such as obtaining a key square or the bishop pair. It’s this ability to disrupt play and dictate proceedings that separate the very best players from everyone else.

GM Lenderman breaks down the inner workings of some of the most brilliant, creative play, lucidly explaining how and why the ideas work, giving you a rich repertoire of attacking – and, in some cases, defensive – resources.

Uniquely, Alex has chosen some little-known brilliancies by the strongest players on the planet – the chess computers – to illustrate ways we can take our chess understanding to the very highest level. These games supplement the finest work of human geniuses such as Kasparov, Tal, and Nezhmetdinov.

Includes a 1-hour bonus of Alex playing online blitz, voicing his thoughts and analysis in real time plus a fascinating insight into his personal philosophy and best advice for improving players in a Q&A session!


Part 1: Dynamic Pawn Sacrifices and Gambits

  1. The Smith-Morra Gambit: Berg-Luch
  2. Snowballing the Initiative: Stockfish-Bobcat
  3. Tearing Open the Kingside: Komodo-Stockfish
  4. Rapid Development: Stockfish-Vajolet2
  5. Pushing Pieces Back: Petrov-van Foreest

Part 2: Positional Pawn Sacrifices and Gambits

  1. Tying Up the Opponent: Fire 5-Bobcat
  2. Opening the Center: Komodo-Critter
  3. The Tal Gambit: Vajolet2-Naum
  4. Hidden Compensation: Jonny8-Stockfish
  5. Attacking the King: Naum-Stockfish

Part 3: Dynamic Middlegame Pawn Sacrifices

  1. Playing Against the King
  2. Restricting the Enemy Forces
  3. Improving Your Pieces
  4. Winning with Passed Pawns: Spassky-Petrosian

Part 4: Long-term Positional Advantages

  1. Superior Piece Coordination
  2. Winning with the Bishop Pair
  3. The Blockade
  4. Defensive Pawn Sacrifices

Part 5: Double Pawn Sacrifices

  1. Overwhelming Initiative: Zherebukh-Onischuk
  2. Relentless Energetic Play
  3. Punishing Materialistic Players: Rybka-Ginkgo
  4. Initiative Without Queens

Part 6: Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice

  1. Hidden Venom in the QGA: Javakhishvili-Edouard
  2. An Exchange for an Attack: Movsesian-Kasparov
  3. Sacrificing the Exchange for the Bishop Pair
  4. Other Positional Exchange Sacrifices: Anand-Mamedyarov
  5. Defensive Exchange Sacrifices

Part 7: Piece Sacrifices

  1. Minor Piece Gambits: Topalov-Kramnik
  2. Piece Sacrifices on d5: Fischer-Rubinetti
  3. Sacrificing Pieces for Pawns: The Baron-Hannibal
  4. Positional Piece Sacrifices: Weser-Lenderman

Part 8: Positional Queen Sacrifices

  1. Queen Sacrifices in the Opening: Mamedyarov-Brkic
  2. Dynamic Queen Sacrifices: Nezhmetdinov-Chernikov
  3. A Queen for the Bishop Pair: Izoria-Petrosian
  4. Sacrificing the Queen for the Initiative: Kramnik-Kasparov
  5. Defensive Queen Sacrifices: Lenderman-Bajarani

Bonus: Live Blitz with GM Alex Lenderman

Bonus: Q&A Session with GM Alex Lenderman

Master Method Series #22

Every modern GM stands on the shoulders of giants. Much of their strength comes from studying and copying the great play of their predecessors. Which is why every coach recommends the careful study of the games of all the World Champions.

In his second Master Method, GM Aleksandr Lenderman continues to unravel the hidden secrets of sacrifices and dynamic play. But now he takes things to the World Champion level with revealing analysis of the best ideas of the greatest chess players in chess history.

Studying games from all 16 World Champions, from Steinitz to Carlsen, you will follow the evolution of both positional and dynamic ideas over time, giving you a multi-layered chess understanding. And you even get bonus chapters on game-winning ideas dreamt up by other greats such as Chigorin, Bronstein, Korchnoi and Topalov.

Take this journey through time, exploring the beautiful complexities of the chess sacrifice and become a fierce, dynamic player!


  1. Secrets of Steinitz’ and Lasker’s Sacrifices
    1. Steinitz Attacks the King in the Center
    2. Steinitz Uses the h-pawn
    3. Steinitz’s Blocking Exchange Sacrifice
    4. Lasker the Gambler
    5. Lasker’s Brilliancy Against Pillsbury
    6. Lasker’s Disturbing Sacrifice
  2. Secrets of Capablanca’s and Alekhine’s Sacrifices
    1. Capablanca’s Positional Pawn Sacrifice
    2. Capablanca’s Pawns vs Bishop
    3. Capablanca’s Defensive Sacrifice
    4. Alekhine’s Central Domination
    5. Alekhine Changes the Course of the Game
    6. Alekhine Changes the Course of the Game II
  3. Secrets of Euwe’s and Botvinnik’s Sacrifices
    1. Euwe Attacks the Kingside Castle
    2. Euwe Sacs a Pawn for a File
    3. Euwe Wants the Fianchettoed Bishop
    4. Botvinnik Impressive Center
    5. Botvinnik Activates his Bishop Pair
    6. Botvinnik Concrete Ideas
  4. Secrets of Smyslov’s and Tal’s Sacrifices
    1. Smyslov Brilliant Nxf2!
    2. Smyslov’s Incredible Pawn Sacrifice
    3. Smyslov’s Lead in Development
    4. Tal Gets Squares for his Pieces
    5. Tal’s Most Spectacular Combination
    6. Tal’s Magic Trick
  5. Secrets of Petrosian’s and Spassky’s Sacrifices
    1. Petrosian’s Trademark Exchange Sacrifice
    2. Petrosian’s Trademark Exchange Sacrifice II
    3. Petrosian’s Trademark Exchange Sacrifice III
    4. Spassky’s g4 Sicilian Sacrifice
    5. Spassky’s Knight Sicilian Sacrifice
    6. Spassky’s Spectacular Queen Sacrifice
  6. Secrets of Fischer’s and Karpov’s Sacrifices
    1. Fischer’s Plays the Evans in the Sicilian
    2. Fischer’s Powerful LSB
    3. Fischer Crushes the Scandinavian
    4. Karpov’s Knight vs Bad Bishop
    5. Karpov Slays the Sicilian
    6. Karpov Dominates the Knight
  7. Secrets of Kasparov’s and Kramnik’s Sacrifices
    1. Kasparov’s Opening Surprise
    2. Kasparov’s King’s Indian Sacrifice
    3. Kasparov’s Powerful Intermezzo
    4. Kramnik Destroys the King’s Indian
    5. Kramnik’s Meran
    6. Kramnik’s New Interpretation of the Central Pawns
  8. Secrets of Anand’s and Carlsen’s Sacrifices
    1. Anand’s Bxg5 Sacrifice
    2. Anand’s Complete Domination
    3. Anand’s …Rxc3 Sacrifice
    4. Carlsen’s Double Pawn Sacrifice
    5. Carlsen’s Pawn Sacrifice in the Benoni
    6. Carlsen Copies Petrosian
  9. Secrets of the Best Challengers’ Sacrifices
    1. Chigorin’s Dominating Knights
    2. Schlechter Pressure over the Long Diagonal
    3. Bronstein Nimzo Demolition
    4. Korchnoi’s Central Passer
  10. Secrets of Modern Challengers’ Sacrifices
    1. Leko’s Central Dominance
    2. Topalov’s Dancing Knight
    3. Gelfand’s Pawn Avalanche
    4. Karjakin’s Cold Blood

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