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This is what Magnus Carlsen’s Games can Teach YOU

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“Magnus is a lethal combination of Karpov and Fischer” – Garry Kasparov

These are words of big praise from somebody like Kasparov, but the truth is that Carlsen really does combine the strongest aspects of both Anatoly Karpov and Bobby Fischer.

He’s positionally refined, precise, and overwhelming like Karpov…

learn from magnus carlsen with gm marian petrov

But he is also as sharp, aggressive, and obsessed with squeezing the full point as Fischer was… even if it takes him 100 moves in a “dead drawn” position.

In a word, Carlsen is an unstoppable force.

GM Marian Petrov ImageWhat is this course about?

Chess Olympiad Coach GM Marian Petrov just released a course that is essentially a blueprint for exactly how Magnus handles any type of position.

GM Petrov breaks down the World Champion’s approach to tricky and flexible opening play, dominant middlegame strategy, “water from a stone” endgames, and even the secret to Magnus’ deadly intuitive sacrifices.

This is thorough research into Magnus Carlsen games. GM Marian Petrov has covered everything – you will literally feel like you are Magnus once you complete this course!

About the Author:

Marian Petrov is an accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion for 2002 and 2017, as well as the winner of many open tournaments around the world.

GM Petrov is also a FIDE trainer and was the coach of Team Wales at the 2016 Baku Olympiad. He graduated from the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a Bachelor’s degree in Chess Pedagogy, a four-year undergraduate program designed to prepare top-level chess trainers.

GM Petrov believes that simplicity is the key to perfect execution. He only shares proven and tested lines and strategies that he or his students have used to dominate their games.

They are easy to understand and extremely powerful, especially at the club level!

learn from magnus carlsen

FINALLY! Someone Explains How Magnus…

  • Comes up with DEEP Intuitive Sacrifices! Learn how Magnus handles MUST WIN situations by creating chaos with intuitive sacrifices which he used to confuse and dominate GM Van Wely. (Check it out in Chapter 8!)
  • CRUSHES GMs with his Favorite Piece…the Knight! Did you know that his favorite (and most powerful piece) is the knight? Discover how he uses it to control key squares, establish crushing outposts, and to devastate the enemy king! (See Chapter 3 to learn more!)
  • Wins COMPLETELY Equal Endgames vs the 2800s! This is Magnus’ biggest claim to fame…In Chapter 9 you’ll discover how he manages to ‘squeeze blood from a stone’ in endgames against legends from Kramnik to Anand and many others!

Plus MUCH More!

magnus carlsen

It’s well known that modeling is one of the fastest ways to master new skills…you simply choose someone you aspire to be like and do what they do.

GM Petrov has uncovered exactly how Magnus Carlsen plays chess… this is BIG.

Follow in the footsteps of Carlsen and model him, this approach is proven to create winners!

What’s Included?

Learn from Magnus Carlsen Games with GM Marian Petrov [10 hours 37 minutes]

GM Petrov breaks down the World Champion’s approach to tricky and flexible opening play, dominant middlegame strategy, “water from a stone” endgames, and even the secret to Magnus’ deadly intuitive sacrifices…every area of chess and how Magnus approaches it!

Complete set of PGNs

Get a complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Practical Part

Train the important chess motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

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Content Outline


Chapter 1 – Attacking the King in the Center
Chapter 2 – Attack on the Castled King
Chapter 3 – Carlsen’s Miracle: Knight is Stronger than Bishop
Chapter 4 – Bishop Dominating the Knight
Chapter 5 – Winning the Opening
Chapter 6 – Magnus Middlegame Technique
Chapter 7 – Magnus Carlsen’s Counterplay Secrets
Chapter 8 – The Intuitive Sacrifice
Chapter 9 – Winning Equal Endgames
Chapter 10 – Most Instructive Games of Magnus Carlsen