Learn from the World Champions – Vol 3 – FM Dennis Monokroussos

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“Learn from the World Champions Volume 3: The Modern Era”

Presented by FIDE Master Dennis Monokroussos, this collection of lectures features lessons and brilliant examples of play from the 5 World Champions Fischer, Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik and Anand. Dennis takes us on a two game tour per World Champion of the modern era of chess spanning from 1972 to 2013.

Content: Over 4.5 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 10 lectures.

Includes: ECO: D97, B90, D53, D46, D58, E48, E05, D44, C67 and PGN Files.

Recommended for: Intermediate Players.

Users rated this series: 4.39 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: This is a virtual perfect lecture. Four Fischer games crammed into one Video and a wonderful theme too. I found the pace to be just right as well.

FM Dennis Monokroussos is a 3 time Nevada State Champion and won the Indiana State Championship in 2009. Dennis has taught philosophy at several universities including the University of Notre Dame. Dennis currently works as a chess coach for both children and adults both in person and over the Internet. He can be contacted through his blog.



Byrne Baby Byrne
Donald Byrne vs. Bobby Fischer
Run Time: 00:24:33

Fischer, the Najdorf and the d5 Square
Fischer Games vs. Najdorf Variation
Run Time: 00:31:22

Winning Against the Isolani
Viktor Korchnoi vs. Anatoly Karpov
Run Time: 00:33:37

Combining Strategic Aims With Attacking Play
Anatoly Karpov vs. Alexei Shirov
Run Time: 00:25:55

There’s no Such Thing as a Quiet Opening
Elmar Magerramov vs. Garry Kasparov
Run Time: 00:19:27


Attacking the Nimzo-Indian with a Delayed Saemisch
Garry Kasparov vs. Mikhail Tal
Run Time: 00:21:46

Strangulation, Catalan-Style
Vladimir Kramnik vs. Viswanathan Anand
Run Time: 00:31:07

Attacking From All Directions
Vladimir Kramnik vs. Magnus Carlsen
Run Time: 00:18:14

An Easy Win in 94 Moves
Fritz vs. Viswanathan Anand
Run Time: 00:31:27

Imperfect But Imaginative Attacking Play
Viswanathan Anand vs. Evgeny Bareev
Run Time 00:29:00

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