Learn from the World Champions – Vol 1 – FM Dennis Monokroussos

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“Learn from the World Champions Volume 1: The Classical Era”

Although chess styles have evolved greatly over the last hundred years, the insights from players of the Classical and Hypermodern eras are still the foundation of good chess play. This collection features those lessons in brilliant examples of play from the first 5 World Champions. Dennis takes us on a two game tour per World Champion of the classical era of chess spanning from 1887 to 1946.

Content: Over 4.25 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 10 lectures. PGN Files Included.

Recommended for: Intermediate Players.

Users rated this series: 4.11 out of 5

Chess Fans have said: Excellent presentation of the theme you wanted to demonstrate. Your meticulous style is appreciated (i.e. not only discussing notes to the game in the century it was played but also current masters such as Karpov). I gave it a 5!

FM Dennis Monokroussos is a 3 time Nevada State Champion and won the Indiana State Championship in 2009. Dennis has taught philosophy at several universities including the University of Notre Dame. Dennis currently works as a chess coach for both children and adults both in person and over the Internet. He can be contacted through his blog.



Steinitz’s Attacking Plan in the Ruy Lopez
William Steinitz vs. Mikhail Chigorin
Run Time: 00:23:14

Winning With the Two Bishops Using the Steinitzian Restriction Method
Samuel Rosenthal vs. William Steinitz
Run Time: 00:19:51

Lasker in the Endgame: The Power of the Rook Lift
Frank Marshall vs. Emanuel Lasker
Run Time: 00:27:56

Lasker the Cool Defender
Szymon Winawer vs. Emanuel Lasker
Run Time: 00:28:55

Capa Takes a Siesta
Richard Reti vs. Jose Raul Capablanca
Run Time: 00:33:43


The Trouble With Treybal
Jose Raul Capablanca vs. Karel Treybal
Run Time: 00:21:02

Beware the Sting at the End of the Tail
Ernst Grunfeld vs. Alexander Alekhine
Run Time: 00:24:58

Switching the Attack from One Side to Another
Alexander Alekhine vs. Akiba Rubinstein
Run Time: 00:26:08

The Dutch Defends
Efim Geller vs. Max Euwe
Run Time: 00:25:11

The Dutch Attacks
Max Euwe vs. Miguel Najdorf
Run Time: 00:25:20

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