Le Manifeste du joueur de club – (Volumes 11-20)

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The pack “The Manifesto of the club player” will allow club players to acquire the basics to become a Master Candidate (2200 elo) with the French International Master Axel Delorme. This series is produced exclusively by iChess.fr and all the courses included in this bundle are in the French language.

Spanish 6.d3 Explained For Whites - Mi Axel Delorme
Spanish 6.d3 Explained For Whites – Mi Axel Delorme

The club player’s manifesto

  • iChess.fr – The official course for candidates for the title of Master Candidate
  • Exclusive videos in French with an International Master
  • Problems related to the studied courses to be solved in the 10 DVDs.
  • The best course for club players ever given in French
  • Parts in PGN format are included on DVDs.
  • Produced by iChess.fr, world leader in chess DVDs

Products included in the pack:

Volume 11: My 10 immortal parts

In this 11 th volume of the Empire Echecs collection, the International Master analyzes for us a selection of 10 games that have marked the history of chess and that he considers to be immortal. There are games played by the greatest champions like Capablanca, Fischer, Kasparov, Carlsen, or even Karjakin. An explosive mix between the experience of MI and the talent of great champions.

Volume 12: The Spanish 6.d3 explained for White

In this DVD, 12 th volume of the Empire Echecs collection and 1 st of the series on the Spanish, the International Master Axel Delorme gives us the different theoretical variants and sub-variants of the Spanish 6.d3 mixed with a personal analysis High quality. Thanks to the work of the International Master, the biggest secrets about the Spanish 6.d3 are now accessible to everyone.

Volume 13: The Spanish 6.d3’s midfield explained

The French IM returns in this new volume entitled “The Spanish playing environment 6.d3 explained” where he studies through games of great champions the different types of playing environment encountered in the variants analyzed previously.

Volume 14: The variant of the two Horsemen on the Caro-Kann

In this 14 th volume of the collection Empire Chess, Axel Delorme analysis for us the different theoretical lines of the variant of the two riders with the whites against the Caro-Kann in detail. The MI offers us once again a real professional preparation.

Volume 15: The Mid Game in the Two Cavaliers Variation

The 15 th volume of the collection Empire logical result of the 14 th volume. After teaching us the theoretical part, the International Master tackles the practical part. Axel Delorme analyzes the different positions that can be encountered in the middle of the game of the variant of the two Cavaliers of the Caro-Kann.

Volume 16: The Strategic Maestria of Anatoly Karpov 

Through DVD Axel Delorme analyzes the complex game of Karpov through 8 chapters and 3 hours of lessons in French.

Volume 17: Play variant 3 … g6 of the Spanish! 

Axel Delorme gives us his relevant analyzes on the Spaniard’s 3… g6 variant, in particular through games played by world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Volume 18: Play Ragozine with Blacks

Axel Delorme gives us the keys to understanding the different positions of the Ragozine defense with the Blacks.

Volume 19: Dominate your opponent against 1.c4 and 1.Nf3

MI gives us a complete preparation with Black against 1.c4 and 1.Nf3. This dvd is for those who want to perfect their opening repertoire against the English, the Reti and the Catalan where the whites delay the d4 move.

Volume 20: My Selection of Destructive Sacrifices 

Axel Delorme shows us what the sense of initiative of the best players in the world is through 9 exceptional games.

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Running Time

30 hours