The King’s Indian Defense (16 Part Series) – IM John Watson

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The Kings Indian Defense (16 Part Series) – IM John Watson

The King's Indian Defense (16 Part Series) - Im John Watson
The King’s Indian Defense – IM John Watson

A masterclass from one of the most skilled and instructive chess instructors on the planet.

Sixteen videos covering the main lines of this hypermodern defense. John gives you a clear picture of how to play this opening, covering the key concepts, the squares to fight for, and the most popular variations.

In doing so, John explains not only what are Black’s objectives, but White’s too!

In must-win situations, the Kings Indian Defense has been trusted by World Champions, such as Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, and Mikhail Tal.

It’s a hypermodern defense, where Black builds a strong defense around the king and looks for counter-attacking chances in the middle game.

In this 16-video series, International Master John Watson gives you a complete picture of how to play this chess opening for black.

John analyzes the most popular variations including the advance variation with 7.d5 and other main lines.

About the Author:

John Watson is a recognized chess player, coach, and author. He also holds the title of International Master.

Watson was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. He was educated at Brownell-Talbot, Harvard, and the University of California, San Diego, where he took his degree in engineering. He has won many chess tournaments including the first US National High School Chess Championship and the American Open.

Watson is best known as a chess theorist and author, He has written more than thirty books on many aspects of chess. His 1999 book Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy won the British Chess Federation’s Book of the year award as well as the United States Chess Federation Book of the Year.

The successor volume Chess Strategy in Action was the Chesscafe Book of the Year. These two books explore how radically chess has changed since the early 20th century, and how old and supposedly ‘time-tested’ rules for the conduct of play have been replaced by a broader and revolutionary practice over-the-board.

How do I benefit from this course?

The Kings Indian Defense is one of the few chess openings for Black that promises more active play than most other openings. Black is able to avoid early simplifications and can enter unbalanced positions, which allows him to play for more than equality.

The King's Indian Defense (16 Part Series) - Im John Watson
Typical Position of The King’s Indian Defense.

As in all his video series, John has an uncanny ability to break down complex ideas and make them simple to understand, allowing you to grasp the essential ideas, the key strategies, pawn structure, and critical squares to fight for in this hyper-modern defense.

And it’s all done without overwhelming you with hundreds of variations and sidelines; this is one video series you can’t miss! We’re confident you’ll enjoy this video series immensely and will be scoring impressive wins with this new weapon in no time.

The Indian defenses (1.d4 Nf6) were latecomers in chess, in the historical sense, but nowadays are the most commonly played defenses for Black.

They were played sporadically until the ’20s of the last century and then became more popular in the ’30s before taking off after WWII.

IM John Watson examines the pawn structures, the plans and the strategies of these systems, which are considered the essence of modern chess in many ways.

Enjoy this course!

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