The King’s Indian Attack (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos

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Follow in the footsteps of Bobby Fischer and play the King’s Indian Attack, a dangerous opening system you can use against nearly any reply from Black!

In this system, White adopts a setup similar to Black’s in the King’s Indian Defense; but White’s extra tempo makes it even more deadly.

This is an opening you can play against the French, Caro-Kann and Sicilian, each time getting a dominant position full of powerful positional and tactical ideas.

In this 8 hour Deep Dive, Argentinian Grandmaster Damian Lemos explains the general strategy behind the opening before going on to give detailed instructions on how to deal with anything Black might try.

Through the analysis of instructive games, GM Lemos shows how these ideas play out in practice, making sure you’re ready with the most powerful reply!

If you prefer not to have to constantly update your openings against each of the popular responses to 1.e4, this 8 hour Deep Dive course provides all you need for a bulletproof opening repertoire.


Chapter 1: General King’s Indian Attack Ideas (1 h 20 min)

General Introduction
Psakhis – Paunovic
Fischer – Panno
Davies – Collins

Chapter 2: King’s Indian Attack vs Caro-Kann Defense (1h 45 min)

Amin – Naghdiyev, Part 1
Amin – Naghditev, Part 2
Amin – Salah

Chapter 3: King’s Indian Attack vs The French Defense (1h 25 min)

Sutovsky – Gershon
Stripunsky – Goregliad
Grischuk – Bukavshin

Chapter 4: King’s Indian Attack vs The Sicilian Defense (1h 35 min)

Petrosian – Pachman, Part 1
Petrosian – Pachman, Part 2
Bologan – Firman
Saric – Fercec

Chapter 5: King’s Indian Attack in Practice (1h 50 min)

Yermolinsky – Luther
Petrosian – Pavey
Adly – Cordes
Aronian – Khenkin

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