Killer London System – IM Alex Astaneh Lopez

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London Alex

The London System is a perfect opening for players of all standards, captivating the interest of beginners and the World Champion Magnus Carlsen himself. The Killer London System – Part 1 course is packed with new and original ideas that can be used across the board to the highest of levels; an essential for players who want results, but do not have a great deal of time on their hands to learn reams of theoretical lines.

The London System is easy to learn and does not require vast amounts of memorization as in other openings, ideal for club players. During this course, renowned coach International Master Alex Lopez will take you through all the important and fundamental concepts to ensure that you become a master of the system.

‘Part 1’ of Alex’s course covers all Black’s setups with …d5, the most common response. Up-to-date with the latest theory, the Killer London System concentrates on teaching you the ideas behind the moves. This way of learning will mean that you be able to formulate and find your correct plan in the middlegame and beyond. Alex’s Killer London System is the ultimate guide to this classic and still-popular opening, and with his knowledge, you will have a lifelong ultimate weapon with 1.d4!

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12+ hours

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Content Outline

[1] Killer London System Introduction
[2] Early …Qb6 moves
[3] Caro-Kann
[4] The Symmetrical Setup
[5] Slav Setups
[6] The rare 2…Bg4
[7] Chigorin Setup
[8] Classical Setups – Introduction
[9] Classical Setups without e6 (5…g6; 5…Bg4)
[10] Classical Setups without e6 (5…Bf5)
[11] Classical setup without …e6 (5…Qb6)
[12] Classical Setups with …e6 (Rare moves)
[13] Classical setup with e6 (6…cxd4)
[14] Classical Setups with e6 (6…Be7)
[15] Classical Setup with e6 (6…Bd6)
[16] The Tricky 4…Qb6
[17] Early …e6 Moves
[18] Semi-Slav Setup
[19] Grunfeld Setup
[20] Closing Thoughts