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Grandmaster Magazine #9

Kasparov_Short_1980_DortmundThe 1993 World Championship between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short was a first for many reasons. The first time an Englishman had challenged for the official world title (unless you count Gunsberg), the first time Kasparov had played someone other than Karpov and the first time the championship match had been organised outside of FIDE since the governing body’s inception.

In this 2h 30m edition of Grandmaster Magazine, we get to see behind-the-scenes with interviews with both champion and challenger in the build-up to the match and learn how they rose to the top, including overcoming formidable obstacles.

GM Raymond Keene discusses the events that forced Kasparov and Short away from FIDE and we hear the opinions of Michael Adams, Daniel King and Michael Basman as they discuss the players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Keene surveys the Kasparov – Short match, providing us with his insight as well as the analysis of the players themselves. Understanding the ideas behind chess at the very highest level will work wonders on your own game.

Post-match interviews give the players a chance to talk about how they felt at every stage of the match and GM Daniel King completes this edition with a detailed look at the Sicilian Najdorf, a common opening in this World Championship.

A must for fans of chess history.