Kasparov – Karpov, World Championship 1990

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Grandmaster Magazine #2

This edition of Grandmaster Magazine features a brilliancy from the famous Hastings tournament and an in-depth report and analyses from the Kasparov – Karpov 1990 World Championship.

The Hastings game was played between British GM Murray Chandler and GM (and Icelandic champion) Helgi Olafsson. A Ruy Lopez (Spanish Opening) is opened up with a central pawn thrust but Black seems to have everything under control.

What follows is a textbook example of how to use an advanced pawn in the attack, with promotion threats transforming into checkmate.

Both players provide their thoughts after each move of this fantastic game, giving an insight into the thinking of a Grandmaster.

The 1990 World Championship showcases the great rivalry between Garry Kasparov and his predecessor Anatoly Karpov. GM David Norwood looks at the critical games, analyzing the ferocious attacks (game 2) and staggeringly deep endgame strategy (game 16) as well as reporting on the reactions of the players and fans.

A must for students of chess history.