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GM Karpov & FM Stewart
GM Karpov & FM Stewart

We are pleased to offer an unforgettable collection of Anatoly Karpov´s best chess DVDs at an unbeatable price – a total of $54.50   for 4 chess DVDs that would normally cost over $90!

This collection of chess DVDs features over 20 hours of high-quality instruction from the 12th World Chess Champion. Anatoly Karpov is one of the strongest positional chess players ever, and his incredibly deep understanding translates directly to the viewers – guaranteed to vastly improve your level of positional play and technique. This chess DVD series with Karpov explaining the basics of chess with the help of renown chess trainer GM Roman Dzindziashvili – breaking down fundamental concepts in opening theory, middlegame maneuvering, and precise endgame technique. Then Karpov moves on to dissecting chess history with the help of his long-time second and trainer GM Ron Henley – explaining Fischer´s rise to the top and best games, Karpov´s own world chess championship match with Garry Kasparov, and Karpov´s best chess games throughout his decorated career. This chess DVD series will take you deep into the mind of one of the best chess players ever – guaranteed to have a huge positive impact on your understanding of chess and most importantly – your results!

This extraordinary package includes the following chess DVDs:

  • Karpov´s Russian School of Chess (Vol 1-3)
  • Karpov on Fischer (Vol 1-3)
  • Karpov on Kasparov – World Championship Matches (Vol 1-3)
  • Karpov´s Best Games (Vol 1-4)

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