Intel Grand Prix Series – Collection #1

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Paul Azzurro
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I do not joke around when I say the Intel Grand Prix Series are some of the most well-produced and exciting chess videos of all time. GM Daniel King and GM Maurice Ashley present powerful commentary on some of the most classic games of the 1990s interspersed with tons of historical footage.

6 hours and 45 minutes of amazing games by Kasparov, Anand, Nigel Short, Kramnik, Ivanchuk and more!

intel multiple discsThe 4-Volume Chess DVD Series on the 1994/95 “Intel Grand Prix” Championship details an incredible series of games and tournaments with the best players in chess at that time. In Volume 1 of the “Intel Grand Prix” Chess DVD Series, GM Daniel King examined Garry Kasparov’s first loss to a computer chess program – Pentium Genius. In Volume 2, King starts by explaining a deep piece of preparation that enabled GM Anatoli Vaisser to beat GM Viswanathan Anand in a complicated Sicilian Defense. And in game 2, Kasparov redeems himself in Paris by fearlessly sacrificing a pawn to beat GM Valentin Arbakov in a sharp King’s Indian Defense kingside attack. Grandmaster King’s commentary is spot-on as always, breaking down fantastically deep chess play so that the common viewer has no problem understanding the reasons behind the moves. In Volume 3 GM King and Ashley examines Kasparov’s incredible come back and Ivanchuk’s shakey nerves in Paris 1995. The final disc examines one of Kasparov’s most exciting battles of all-time and arguably the most well publicized chess battles of the 1990s after Deep Blue: Kasparov vs Anand play a shootout at the observation deck of the World Trade Center in New York.

Highlights include: Kasparov’s first loss against a computer with rapid time controls, Ivanchuk missing a mate in one, Kasparov and Anand playing at the top of the New York World Trade Center and more!

Episodes Included: London 94′, London ’95, Paris ’94, World Trade Center NYC ’95

Originally Produced by Paul Azzurro | © ChessDVDs

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