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Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle
Improve My Chess: Premium Chess Courses Mega Bundle

If you’ve been struggling with your chess development, you’ve just come across the premium chess courses that will accelerate your growth by improving all areas of your chess understanding.

The Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle features an impressive line-up with world-renowned chess coaches including Grandmasters Josh Friedel, GM Gabor Papp, and GM Mesgen Amanov.

Get your hands on more than 80 hours of premium chess lessons from strong Grandmasters and chess coaches – plus a whole host of extras such as puzzles and PGN files.

This exclusive mega bundle will provide you with all the chess lessons you need in order to move from chess beginner to expert, or even master, very quickly.

Step-by-step you will see your middlegame, endgame, and all-around game skills improve, leading to an inevitable significant increase to your overall chess skills and Elo rating.

What’s included in this bundle?

Here’s what you’re getting with The Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle:

Keeping the Tempo: The Art of Forcing Chess (5 hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

In chess, the initiative is everything. When Wilhelm Steinitz, the first World Champion, laid out his classical chess principles, he said, “only the player with the initiative has the right to attack”.

Get the initiative and you boss the game. When your every move contains a deadly threat, your opponent’s plans go out of the window. All they can do is react, defend, and hope your next move isn’t the last.

Now you can learn the secret of commanding the initiative with Keeping the Tempo: The Art of Forcing Chess from American GM Josh Friedel (2562).

This 5-hour course teaches you how to think in a new way, prioritizing forcing moves, tactics, and sacrifices to keep your opponents on the back foot.

GM Josh Friedel has earned a reputation as one of the fiercest attacking players around and it’s this approach of playing the most forcing (good) move in every position that has helped him achieve his success.

Converting an Advantage in Practical Endgames – Volume #1 (7 hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

If you are struggling with your endgame technique or converting your advantage into a full point, this course is exactly what you need.

To be able to convert a winning position is not as simple as it sounds. How many times do we say “I had a winning position, but I blew it”? This video course will help you fight right up to the end of the game and not relax too early.

GM Papp’s teaching skills are world class. His instructions are very easy to follow and all lessons are recorded in the signature Improve My Chess style. GM Papp will be asking you to pause the video during the lessons and will challenge you to figure out what you would do in each position. This active learning means you’ll learn more than simply sitting back and watching, and the ideas will be firmly planted in your mind.

Converting an Advantage in Practical Endgames – Volume #2 (4+ hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

Just as in volume 1, GM Papp asks you questions during every lesson where you’ll need to pause the video and put your brain to use! You will be advised how much time to spend on a given position.

It is very important to get into the habit of constantly asking yourself questions and giving yourself time to think. With this method, you will develop a true analytical process of thinking.

Volume 2 includes the most common endgames: Rook endgames and Queen Endgames.

You will learn all of the essentials such as Active King, Active Rook, Passed Pawns, Squeeze, and much more…

Converting an Advantage in Practical Endgame – Vol #3 (6 hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

This volume is 6 hours long and includes a total of 12 lessons.

GM Papp continues his chess endgames masterclass by teaching the techniques you need to be able to convert any endgame. Not every endgame has a theoretical plan – sometimes, you’ll need to use general principles and concepts in order to keep and convert an advantage.

You’ll learn these crucial techniques here, as well as develop a strategic vision, learning how to squeeze your opponent even when there are only a few pieces left on the board. You’ll also learn a crucial skill every expert has relied on to get where they are – learning from your mistakes.

Chess Lessons Super Pack: From Chess Beginner to Expert in 1 Year (29 hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega BundleGM Mesgen Amanov brings you an intensive training program that will accelerate your growth by improving all areas of your chess understanding.

This program will teach you exactly what to work on and how to apply it to your game in order to move from chess beginner to expert in only 12 months.

GM Amanov’s program is already being used successfully by top school chess teams and hundreds of students worldwide.

GM Amanov starts the course with the most important concept in chess: The process of thinking.

Before you learn any opening, middlegame, or endgame you need to learn the most important chess concept – The Process of Thinking. In fact, in this full program, GM Amanov dedicates the entire first month of study to this concept.

The skills you develop here will serve you for years to come.

Chess Opening Master Guide: Become an Opening Expert in 12 Months (28 hours)

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

If you are serious about your opening preparation, you probably think that you need to devote a lot of time to study your lines thoroughly so that you can memorize them very well.

What if you really didn’t need to memorize every single line of the chess openings you like to play, but you could focus on understanding the ideas behind the moves instead?

In this chess openings master guide, GM Mesgen Amanov shows you how to obtain a perfect understanding of chess openings.

You will know exactly what to do in the opening stage without needing to memorize long variations.

GM Amanov makes sure you understand all the ideas behind every opening that he recommends.

GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 1

Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle

It’s been a while since GM Mesgen recorded a new chess course, but now he’s back on track with a new series which he simply called Chess Lessons. He tells us he had this idea for a long time where he would record lessons and not give away a theme. Through your own experience you already know that when you study a specific theme, you will expect what you should play and what may happen. That makes it easier to find the solution.

With this hidden approach, the lesson name is revealed only at the end of the lesson, letting you experience a true “tournament-like situation” where you need to figure out the best continuation without knowing the theme.

In each volume of the course, you will have 5 lessons. You will need to allow 45-60 minutes per lesson at least. You will be asked many questions and the only way you can fully benefit is to follow the instructions, pause the video every time you are asked to, and actually work really hard.

The Improve My Chess Premium Chess Mega Bundle is guaranteed to help you improve all your chess skills by focusing on a variety of topics including opening preparation, understanding chess strategy, chess tactics, the process of thinking during a game, endgame principles, and much more.