Tighten The Screws in Your Opponents Mistakes – IM Danny Rensch

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Tighten The Screws In Your Opponents Mistakes - Im Danny RenschTighten The Screws in Your Opponents Mistakes – IM Danny Rensch

Tighten The Screws In Your Opponents Mistakes - Im Danny RenschDanny Rensch is BACK again…this time with 27 more hours of invaluable chess training on how to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes in order to become a much stronger player!

In the first part of this bundle, IM Danny Rensch tries to apply his “multi-tasking rambling skills” to someone else’s chess games! You will see some of the most common errors that players make repeatedly and learn how to avoid them, and punish your opponents when they make them!

One of the tips that you will hear from top-level players over and over again is that you MUST study your own games.

IM Danny Rensch is here to do some of the hard work for you, as he goes over chess.com member games. He will highlight the most important errors on both sides of the board and provide solutions for improvement.

Danny Rensch is an American International Master, event organizer, and commentator. He holds the Arizona State record for the youngest national master at the age of 14 years old. The National Master title is awarded by the US Chess Federation when a player’s rating surpasses 2200 on the USCF rating system.

Rensch obtained his final IM norm at Susan Polgar’s SPICE CUP tournament, by achieving a draw against then-Grandmaster candidate Ray Robson.

Rensch is best known for his coverage of the GM Blitz Battles. His live shows at chess.com/tv include “Man vs Machine,” “Call of the Wild,” and “Bullet Brawls.”

Is this course for me?

“Tighten The Screws in Your Opponents Mistakes by IM Danny Rensch” has been specifically designed to help you improve your game by looking at the most common mistakes you and your opponent usually make when playing a game.

Ever found yourself asking the following questions? 

What motivated this move?

Was that a blunder?

How deeply did he calculate in this position?

How many candidate moves did she consider?

Chances are you’ve asked some of these questions yourself about a titled player. Now you can find out the answers! This course offers the viewer the rare and valuable opportunity to get into the head of a titled player mid-game!

Join IM Danny Rensch as he records the action and his thoughts.

Here’s part of what you’ll see:

The Five Keys of Technique!

Tighten The Screws In Your Opponents Mistakes - Im Danny RenschAfter a weird move order, an Accelerated Dragon is reached. IM Danny Rensch then converts his initiative into a small material advantage and expects smooth sailing from there on out… But when his opponent finds the best defensive resource (c4), he realizes he will need to work hard to win the game.

That’s when the rant starts! Danny talks about the keys for successfully converting your advantages, and gives away some valuable gems in the process.

Capitalizing On the Initiative!

After a surprisingly poor performance from his high-rated opponent in the first game, Danny gets mixed up in a sharp line of the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon. When an unbalanced material situation arises, he offers advice on the key to converting your initiative into a victory!

A Resourceful Defense

We are faced with the critical decision of what to trade in order to keep the best drawing (or maybe even winning) chances alive…

Does Danny make the right decision after black trades on d1, finding a way to hold on? Or does black’s f-pawn prove to be the difference? Stick around for the post game review and take notes on the importance of “active endgame choices”!

This only a portion of what you’ll enjoy in the 27 hours of high-quality training material that we specifically designed to make you a much better player in every single aspect!

Enjoy this course!

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Production House

Content Outline

Chapter List:

  1. Live Sessions: Hybrids Dysfunctional Development
  2. Live Sessions: Hybrids Develop Plans Not Pieces
  3. Live Sessions: Hybrids a Back And Forth Battle – Part 1
  4. Live Sessions: Hybrids a Back And Forth Battle – Part 2
  5. Live Sessions: Hybrids Double The Fun
  6. Live Sessions: a Thrown Away Victory
  7. Live Sessions: The Five Keys of Technique
  8. Live Sessions: Hope For a Dynamic Future
  9. Live Sessions: A Miniature And a Medley
  10. Capitalizing on The Initiative
  11. A Resourceful Defense – Part 1
  12. A Resourceful Defense – Part 2
  13. Members Analysis Managing Space
  14. Achieve Equality First
  15. Blindfold Mix
  16. The Most Instructive Game Ever
  17. Saving an Opening Disaster
  18. Members Analysis: Psychology of The Initiative
  19. Wild And Free Grad Prix
  20. An IQP Nail Bitter
  21. Bad Gambit Play
  22. Members Analysis Something Bad Will Happen
  23. Racing Against The Server
  24. USCL Week 1 Highlights
  25. USCL Week 3 Highlights
  26. USCL Week 5 Highlights
  27. USCL Week 8 Highlights
  28. USCL Week 9 Highlights
  29. Rise of The Phoenix
  30. How to Tame The Dragon
  31. An Old Friend And a New Line
  32. Pushing Past Equality
  33. B3 Warrior System
  34. Master Dual Sessions Najdorf Showdown
  35. Master Dual Sessions Blitz Mayhem
  36. Bullet Brawl Master Dual Session – Part 2
  37. So Vs Rensch Blitz With Worlds Elite
  38. Playing Mind Games – Part 1
  39. Playing Mind Games – Part 2
  40. Playing Mind Games – Part 3
  41. Playing Mind Games – Part 4
  42. Playing Mind Games – Part 5
  43. Danny Rensch Vs Hikaru Nakamura
  44. Candidates Day 8 Games Analyzed
  45. Candidates Day 9 Games Analyzed
  46. Candidates Day 10 Games Analyzed
  47. Candidates Day 11 Games Analyzed
  48. Candidates Day 12 Games Analyzed
  49. Candidates Day 13 Games Analyzed
  50. Candidates Day 14 Games Analyzed
  51. Man Vs Machine
  52. Nakamura Beats Carlsen at Bilbao
  53. Carlsen Beats Karjakin
  54. How MVL Made 2800
  55. Home Cooking Gone Wild
  56. How Caruana Broke The Rules And Won
  57. Carlsen Vs Yi Tata Steel