How to play the Najdorf Vol. 2 – GM Garry Kasparov (Physical Disc)

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Lindsay Anderson

Thousands and thousands of gam

Thousands and thousands of games with the Sicilian Najdorf Defence to analyze with ChessBase, and the master hand of GM Kasparov behind them.

Marilee Wilson

When I started playing chess I

When I started playing chess I used to be baffled by Black's 1... c5. I could not understand it, and the chess books about the Sicilian felt like a drag. This video is extremely simple, and very well explained, too.


software_requires_windowsThe Najdorf system in the Sicilian Defence has a legendary reputation as a defensive weapon for Black. It is an opening where people often strive for a full point, instead of simply defending the position with the black pieces.

Many great players have contributed to the development of this complex opening. There were two world champions who formed much of their careers using the Najdorf system as their weapon of choice against 1.e4: Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

Both players celebrated spectacular successes with it, both used the Najdorf (pronounced „nigh-Dorff“, rhyming with „high-dwarf“) during their child prodigy years and retained it as an important part of their repertoire during their entire careers.

For Garry Kasparov, this added up to experience with the Najdorf at the very highest levels of chess. For chess amateurs and professionals alike it is a great moment when the world’s leading expert shares all the secrets in his favorite opening.

In part one Garry Kasparov introduced the various subsystems of the Najdorf, including the central „Poisoned Pawn“ variation. Part two is devoted to the main lines against 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4. This includes the legendary Polugaevsky Variation.

The DVD contains more than two hours of first-class private tuition. The package includes the latest Chess Base 9.0 Reader, a big reference database featuring all relevant Najdorf games, as well as a complete opening book that can be used to practice what you have learned with Fritz.

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