GM Gabor Papp Endgames Bundle

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Gm Gabor Papp Endgames Bundle

How to Play Chess Endgames – GM Gabor Papp Endgames Bundle

Gm Gabor Papp Endgames Bundle

To be able to win a winning position is not as simple as it sounds. How many times do we say “I had a winning position, but I blew it”? This package will help you fight till the end and not relax too early.

GM Papp’s teaching skills are world class. His instructions are very easy to follow and all lessons are recorded in a very unique style.

GM Gabor Papp will be asking you to pause the video during the lessons and will challenge you to figure out what you would do in each position.

It is very important to get into the habit of constantly asking yourself questions and giving yourself time to think. With this method, you will develop a true analytical process of thinking.

If you’ve ever wanted to instantly recognize winning pawn structures to head for, whether to keep the bishop pair vs swap for his knight, when to centralize your king — any of the small (but impactful) decisions that distinguish a master’s endgame technique from that of a club player…

This is the course you’ve been waiting for.

Now you can sit back while a friendly and well-spoken 2600-rated Grandmaster calmly reveals elite chess endgames techniques for you. 

About the Author:

Gabor Papp is an international chess grandmaster and chess instructor from Hungary.

GM Gabor Papp is a world-class chess instructor. He provides instructions that are very easy to follow.

Papp became an International Master in 2004. He obtained his Grandmaster title by 2011 in the Cappelle-la-Grande open.

How is this course going to help me?

This package will provide you with 17 hours of instruction on what the former World Champion, Jose Raul Capablanca considered THE most important area to master — the endgame…

GM Papp brilliantly designed all his courses included in this package to be interactive and challenging:  

GM Papp asks you questions at critical points in every lesson, a “pause” sign pops up on screen and you’re told how much time you have.

Pause, think, answer out loud then restart the video to get feedback. This method really improves your analytic process.

Here’s part of what you’ll learn with this endgame package:

The #1 secret of endgame strategy

There is 1 subtle thinking method that will help you win any endgame – and virtually no-one below master level knows it. GM Papp reveals everything in Chapter 10 (hint: key squares).

The Fischer Endgame

Gm Gabor Papp Endgames Bundle
The Fischer Endgame

Bobby took Capablanca’s advice very early on and became so adept at the endgame, entire positions were named after him! How would you evaluate this position? Equal?

Fischer – playing Black – won in stunning style with 26…h5! Gabor explains all in chapter 8.

Activity vs Material

Most players are very materialistic, especially in the endgame. After all, an extra pawn is usually enough to win. GM Papp dissects a Kramnik brilliancy to explain when to forget about the material and how to capitalize on your increased activity instead.

Capablanca vs. Isolated Pawns 

So many openings end up with one side having an isolated pawn. Discover how to lock down the position, surround, and capture this pawn and you’ll be winning a ton of games! Learn from the master himself in chapter 1!

And there’s a lot more where that came from —17 hours in fact —17 hours that’ll make you a shining example of precision and technique when it comes to playing chess endgames.

Enjoy this course!

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Running Time

17 hours

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Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

  • Isolated Pawn – Part 1
  • Isolated Pawn – Part 2
  • Hanging Pawns
  • Bishop Pair – Part 1
  • Bishop Pair – Part 2
  • Same Color Bishop
  • Bishop Dominates Knight
  • Good Knight vs Bad Bishop – Part 1
  • Good Knight vs Bad Bishop – Part 2
  • Opposite Color Bishop
  • The Active Rook – Part 1a
  • The Active Rook – Part 1b
  • The Active Rook – Part 2a
  • The Active Rook – Part 2b
  • Queen Endings – Part 1a
  • Queen Endings – Part 1b
  • Queen Endings – Part 2a
  • Queen Endings – Part 2b
  • Plan Making and Precise Play – Part 1
  • Plan Making and Precise Play – Part 2
  • Schematic Thinking – Excellent Technique – Part 1
  • Schematic Thinking – Excellent Technique – Part 2
  • Schematic Thinking – Excellent Technique – Part 3a
  • Schematic Thinking – Excellent Technique – Part 3b
  • Schematic Thinking – Excellent Technique – Part 4
  • Strategic Vision – Squeeze – Part 1
  • Strategic Vision – Squeeze – Part 2a
  • Strategic Vision – Squeeze – Part 2b
  • Strategic Vision – Squeeze – Part 3
  • Strategic Vision – Squeeze – Part 4
  • Learn From Our Mistakes – Part 1
  • Learn From Our Mistakes – Part 2