How to Build a Million Dollar Attack! – IM Keaton Kiewra

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How To Build A Million Dollar Attack! - Im Keaton KiewraHow to Build a Million Dollar Attack! – IM Keaton Kiewra

How To Build A Million Dollar Attack! - Im Keaton Kiewra

Keaton Kiewra is on the charge! With more than 24 hours of pure attacking chess enlightenment meant to make you a strong attacking player!

If you are a fan of Sicilian Dragons, be ready to take in one hell of a ride! Through the teaching of many must-know lines, Keaton is devoted to make you a feared player with the Dragon.
You will also witness some of the most famous miniatures, mating attacks and several positions that have become part of the classical knowledge a chess student must have.

Keaton Kiewra is an American International Master and a professional chess instructor. He was Nebraska’s State Champion for 9 consecutive years, plus a 6 times National Scholastic Champion, attended at UTD on a Chess Scholarship.

Keaton holds 2 Grandmaster norms, but has dedicated himself to chess training upon his graduation in 2009, among his students are several USA National Scholastic champions, National Top-ranked players and in the many many names, Jeffery Xiong is the most famous of them all.

Kiewra Attacks GDN

He is also the founder and manager of the San Diego Surfers team for the PRO Chess League, with famous chess teammates as GM Alexey Dreev, GM Melik Khachiyan, and WGM Tatev Abrahamyan.

Is this course for me?

“How to Build a Million Dollar Attack!” dedicates every single minute to make you a killer checkmating machine! From unleashing Fighting Dragons to witnessing ultra miniatures, Blitz Mayhem and even a position with 5 Queens on the board!

If you want to polish your attacking skills you must first learn how to build the ideal position from where attacks can flow smoothly and how to perform them!

Tactics flow from a superior position. -Bobby Fischer.

Here’s part of what you’ll see:

Fighting Dragon

Ever felt your rivals have figured out a safe winning line against your Dragon and you are about to leave it for good? Well, you still have a lot to learn! Let IM Kiewra show you plenty of paths to keep torturing your opponents for a long time.

Show your rivals there is no such thing as a safe Dragon!

High-level EntertainmentHow To Build A Million Dollar Attack! - Im Keaton Kiewra

If top games nowadays sound more like a dull, safety first 6-7 hour grind finishing on a shy handshake and a draw worth forgetting, you must know that there was a time when players went at it swinging with everything they had. Their honor was at stake!

Due to this, we can enjoy a game that if you were told a 5th Queen appeared in the board by move 20 you could think this was a beginner’s game, but it’s a World Championship game!

3 More Entertaining Zugzwang Endgames You Need to Know!

Zugzwang is a hard word to learn but an easy concept to remember, he who is in turn, loses, however sometimes the ideas behind a zugzwang can be of great depth and complexity.

And there is no better way to learn than to go over examples that will help you assimilate the concept.

This only a portion of what you’ll enjoy in the 24 hours of top-notch training material that will make you a devastating attacker!

Enjoy this course!

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24 hours

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Content Outline

Chapter List:

  1. The Fighting Dragon – Part 1: The Yugoslav Attack
  2. The Fighting Dragon – Part 2: 9. 0-0-0 with Nxd4!
  3. The Fighting Dragon – Part 3: 9. 0-0-0 with d5!
  4. The Fighting Dragon – Part 4: The Prophylactic 12…h5!
  5. The Fighting Dragon – Part 5: Clash of the Titans
  6. The Fighting Dragon – Part 6: The Offbeat 9. g4!
  7. The Fighting Dragon – Part 7: The Chinese Dragon
  8. The Fighting Dragon – Part 8: The Classical System
  9. The Fighting Dragon – Part 9: Levenfish and g3 Variations
  10. The Fighting Dragon – Part 10: The Finale and Fireworks!
  11. High-Level Entertainment: Ultra Miniatures!
  12. High-Level Entertainment: The Conquering King!
  13. High-Level Entertainment: 17 Threats in a Row!
  14. High-Level Entertainment: Extra Queens, Who Needs Them?
  15. High-Level Entertainment: Pawns Are the Soul of Chess!
  16. High-Level Entertainment: Kasparov’s Immortal Game!
  17. High-Level Entertainment: Kiewra’s Houdini Acts!
  18. High-Level Entertainment: Carlsen Builds the Berlin Wall!
  19. High-Level Entertainment: Retreating to Win!
  20. High-Level Entertainment: Stalemate Tricks! – Part 1
  21. High-Level Entertainment: Stalemate Tricks! – Part 2
  22. High-Level Entertainment: Kramnik’s Endgame Déjà vu!
  23. Coach Keaton Reporting: Storming the Castle! – Part 1
  24. Coach Keaton Reporting: Storming the Castle! – Part 2
  25. Coach Keaton Reporting: Storming the Castle! – Part 3
  26. Coach Keaton Reporting: Candidates & Queen Endings! – Part 1
  27. Coach Keaton Reporting: Candidates and Queen Endings! – Part 2
  28. Live Sessions: Three-Minute Blitz Bonanza!
  29. Master Dual Sessions: Najdorf Showdown
  30. Master Dual Sessions: Blitz Mayhem! – Part 2
  31. Bullet Brawl: Master Dual Session – Part 1!
  32. 3 Entertaining Zugzwang Endgames You Need to Know
  33. 3 More Entertaining Zugzwang Endgames You Need to Know!
  34. An Incredible Blitz Medley!
  35. The Shock and Awe of the Greatest Move Ever Played!
  36. 4 Unbelievably Shocking Queen Sacrifices in One Game!
  37. Another Thrilling Blitz Medley!
  38. How to Build a Million Dollar Attack!
  39. Let Tal Help You Build An Attack!
  40. Live Sessions: Attacking Blitz Beatdown!
  41. Fischer Blunders A Bishop — Or Did He?
  42. Fischer Beats Spassky’s Best Opening!
  43. Live Sessions: Keaton’s Blitz Medley!
  44. Think Like A Master: Be Patient
  45. Think Like A Master: Improve Your Position
  46. Every Move Explained: Wesley So vs Anish Giri
  47. Live Session: Budapest Blitz!
  48. Devilishly Difficult Puzzles
  49. Harikrishna vs Van Wely: Nonstop Attacks
  50. How To Trust Yourself In Chess
  51. Fireworks On The 4th
  52. How A World Champion Improves His Position
  53. Race Against The Clock: Blitz Live Session
  54. Caruana Dazzles At Dortmund
  55. Time Scramble: Blitz Live Session
  56. Learn From Your Failures
  57. A Near Miss GM Norm
  58. Fischer vs Tal: Every Move Explained!
  59. Karjakin vs Khismatullin: Russian Superfinal
  60. Passed Pawns On The Rocket Boat
  61. Sutovsky vs Shirov: Karpov Tourney
  62. How To Beat Slow Plans
  63. Keaton’s Pet Dragon
  64. Winnin’ With The Scheveningen
  65. How To Play A Chess Teacher
  66. Knight vs Bishop: Pros And Cons
  67. Knight vs Bishop: Bishop Wins
  68. Knight vs Bishop: The Great Imbalance
  69. When Kings Dream, Crazy Draws Happen
  70. Sicilian Dragon Burns Yangyi
  71. Sicilian Dragon: In-Depth Endgame
  72. Jaw-Dropper At The Aeroflot Open
  73. How Karjakin Won The Candidates’
  74. Caruana’s Missed Moment: Rook And Bishop vs Rook
  75. Keaton And The Minefield
  76. Keaton And The GM Norm That Wasn’t
  77. Promotion Chaos At The U.S. Masters