Hanging pawns explained – IM Sopiko Guramishvili

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In a number of highly instructive and entertaining videos Grandmaster Sopiko Guramishvili shows you everything you need to know about positions with hanging pawns.

Hanging pawns are a pawn island of 2 pawns alongside one another, often on c4 and d4 (or c5/d5).

This pawn structure is often mobile and can help with a quick attack. However, if the pawns can be contained they can become a weakness, particularly in an endgame.

Featuring some classic and highly instructive games from the likes of Capablanca, Tal and Fischer, “Hanging Pawns Explained” shows how the best players play with and against this pawn formation.

Careful study of this course will add a new dimension to your positional ability.


1. Introduction
2. Playing with hanging pawns : Part 1
3. Playing with hanging pawns : Part 2
4. Potential drawbacks of hanging pawns : Part1
5. Potential drawbacks of hanging pawns : Part2
6. Wrap-up

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