The Grunfeld – GM Sam Shankland [80/20 Tactics]

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80/20 Tactics Multiplier #02

Sam Shankland never stops! No sooner has he been crowned US Champion – sensationally finishing ahead of Caruana, So and Nakamura – than he’s back with another incredible training for you!

Sam’s 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: The Grunfeld course teaches you one of Black’s most exciting openings through the lens of Grandmaster tactics!


And there’s no better opening for this series than the ultra-sharp Grunfeld, a favorite weapon of both Kasparov and Fischer, famously used by Bobby to win the Game of the Century – one of the many games covered here.

How to get the most out of this course:

  1. Tackle the 50 Grunfeld tactics using the included PDFs.
  2. Watch Sam Shankland’s detailed analysis of each of the 50 positions.
  3. Watch the 9 lessons Sam has recorded on the secrets of the Grunfeld.
  4. Retake the tactics test, marvel at your improvement then rip through the other 100 tactics at your own pace.
  5. Get out there and destroy some d4 dreams with your new GM repertoire!

Some of what you will learn:

  • The Grunfeld – Gm Sam Shankland [80/20 Tactics]Simple strategic wins. That pawn center White is so proud of is about to collapse like a house of cards. GM Shankland teaches you the weird knight maneuvers and stabbing pawn breaks that will win you game after game.
  • Jaw-dropping attacks. As you’d expect, this course is full of world-class tactical patterns. Learn the early attack that leads to this position. Take the queen? Nah… sac our queen instead!
  • Dynamic domination. The Grunfeld is rich in positional sacrifices that lead to crushing positions. Sam explains why they work and when to play them – game-winning moves your opponents will not see coming!

Sam strives for the highest quality in everything he does and this course is no different.

Study it and not only will you have a high-level understanding of the Grunfeld without having to memorize theory, you’ll also vastly improve your calculation, tactical eye and intuition for dynamic play.


Introduction: About this course

Part 1: Tactics Explained

48 videos deeply analyzing GM tactics and attacks in the Grunfeld.

Part 2: Lessons in the Grunfeld

  1. The blocked center
  2. Weakness of c3
  3. Outside passed pawns
  4. What can go wrong 
  5. White keeps pawn on b2
  6. The f5 break
  7. The e5 thrust
  8. White’s isolated d-pawn
  9. Playing around the d-pawn

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3 reviews for The Grunfeld – GM Sam Shankland [80/20 Tactics]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hadji (verified owner)

    I have so many lectures in Grunfeld defense, so I am very much familiar with this defense. But when I see the lecture of GM Sam Shankland, one word “WOW!” I cannot believe that that caliber of lecturer exists. Well, what can expect of GM Shankland – a superb lecture on Grunfeld. So many ideas, so much to learn. But as GM Shankland make clear in the introduction, this is not an opening series. This is about tactics in the Grunfeld from opening to middlegame because as he pointed out Gundfeld is very tactical. This is not only for Black but there are some videos for White, what to do if something goes wrong and as GM Shankland said, you must know when to strike.

    GM Shankland also discussing positional guidelines to spot the candidates moves and the variations needed to make tactics work. There are so many tactics lessons included in the product, 48 tactics in all in part 1 and 9 lessons in part 2. I don’t want to reveal any tactics, but there are many critical positions when playing this defense and one must know it, such us f5 break and e5 trust.

    Overall verdict: Although GM Shankland speaks like a machine gun, I just like that. If you are a Grunfeld player, don’t miss the chance to buy this product. The best lecture from one of the finest Olympiad player, US Champion and lecturer. This truly is an incredible training!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Manning (verified owner)

    I love playing the Grunfeld as black. After watching both the Shankland Master Methods 1 and 2, I knew I had to get this as well.
    A couple of things that I really like about this course are that the videos are very short. Sam goes over the key tactical points very well while the videos may be less than 10 or 15 minutes. This works fine because he does not have to go through the whole game as he usually does as his main focus is just on the tactical feature of the Grunfeld Defense.

    Another huge value add is the ebook which I have printed out and put into a nice binder. It is huge and I must say, very well done and very helpul to go through to help me with my tactics.

    The problems are rather challenging and very interesting and I feel like I am really learning each time I review the material.

    Sam truly has a way of making what seem to be like complicated tactics very easy to understand!

    If you are looking to better understand the Grunfeld or to just get better at tactics, this may be one of the best courses available!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my son (USCF 1700 at the time), who has adopted the Grunfeld as his response to d4. It is a well synchronized series. The initial tactical “pre-test” was an excellent way to begin the study, to establish a baseline of tactical and positional knowledge in the opening. Further, this tactics worksheet retained value as a post-test to evaluate retention of knowledge. The lectures from GM Shankland are DEEP; I recommend having two boards set up: one for the main line tactic, and one for all the side variations he goes through for each tactical example (and keep your hand on the pause button, as other reviewers have pointed out he goes pretty fast). Each video is 10-15 minutes and is explanatory with examples on the pre-test, and can be watched straight through for the basic understanding of the tactic, but it takes 2-3 times the length of the video to play through all the variations GM Shankland works through. This is not a downside, but a plus! The 80/20 for Grunfeld will be a long term reference and training program, not a purchase that you’ll be done with so fast, you’ll wonder why you paid for it.

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