Grunfeld Defense for Black with IM Marcin Sieciechowicz

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IM Marcin Sieciechowicz reveals…

TCW Grunfeld Defense for Black GDN

Ever since Ernst Grunfeld stunned Alexander Alekhine with his opening innovation, the Grunfeld Defense has been wildly popular as an attacking weapon against 1.d4.

Black gets a solid setup, a pawn in the center, rapid development, and positions rich in tactical opportunity. In short, Black is playing for a win this time.

1.d4 players usually like strategic positions and gradually build their game. In response to it, the Grunfeld is a great opening for taking the game to d4 players… and can lead to crushing early wins.

BUT… you need to know what you’re doing. White gets that big center and has a whole host of different ways of playing against you.

Make sure you know this opening inside out with IM Marcin Sieciechowicz’s Grunfeld Defense for Black — a 10-hour video training where he shows you how to play the Grunfeld like a pro, equipping you with the typical plans, pawn breaks, and positional strategies for both sides.

Grunfeld Defense For Black With Im Marcin SieciechowiczAbout The Author

IM Marcin Sieciechowicz

Marcin was the winner of many medals in the Polish junior chess championships over the years, including the gold medal in the Polish junior chess championship in 2010 (under 18). He made two of his IM norms before reaching the age of 18, and the last in 2010, becoming an International Master just after his 18th birthday. He has two GM norms, made in 2010 and 2013, his highest rating was 2462.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Grunfeld Defense For Black With Im Marcin SieciechowiczAnti-Grunfeld 3.f3. White wants to castle long and go on the offensive on the kingside. Marcin tells you the best way to play this is by playing 4…e5 and going for the long castle as Black. Don’t forget to reroute your king’s knight to a more active square (Diagram).
  • White’s Bf4/e3 setup. The dark-squared bishop is locked on the kingside. How should Black exploit it? Put pressure on the c3-knight by bringing the queen to a5. Break open the center with a flurry of pawn exchanges and finally, take that bishop with Nh5.
  • Catalan without Nf3. White might fianchetto his own king’s bishop to grab hold of the long h1-a8 diagonal. White usually builds a solid pawn from f2 to d4, controlling the dark squares. That’s what you need to challenge right away with e5. (From a real game.)
  • Grunfeld Defense For Black With Im Marcin SieciechowiczSharp Bc4 attack. With the bishop looking straight at the Black king, White can play some nasty tricks, no doubt. No worries… Black’s dark-squared bishop is super strong, and then Na5 attacks White’s c4-bishop. See how Svidler played this line against Carlsen (Diagram).
  • King’s knight detour. In the e3 system, White often exchanges the queen’s knight on d5 and brings the other knight to c3 to gain control of the d5 square. White stops both c7-c5 and e7-e5, and forces h-pawn forward. Crazy, right? Learn to play it as Black.

Become a Grunfeld specialist and you will have a big advantage over ninety percent of 1.d4 players for the rest of your life — they just won’t know how to handle the unique attacks.

Grunfeld Defense For Black With Im Marcin Sieciechowicz

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Content Outline

CHAPTER 1 Illustrative Games

CHAPTER 2 Rarely Played Lines

CHAPTER 3 Rarely Played Lines – Game Examples

CHAPTER 4 Anti-Grunfeld 3.f3

CHAPTER 5 Anti-Grunfeld Game Examples

CHAPTER 6 Fianchetto System

CHAPTER 7 Fianchetto System Game Examples

CHAPTER 8 Bf4 System

CHAPTER 9 Bf4 System Games

CHAPTER 10 e3 System

CHAPTER 11 e3 System Game Examples

CHAPTER 12 Bg5 System

CHAPTER 13 Bg5 System Game Examples

CHAPTER 14 Qb3 System

CHAPTER 15 Qb3 System Game Examples

CHAPTER 16 Be3 System

CHAPTER 17 Be3 System Game Examples

CHAPTER 18 Nf3 System

CHAPTER 19 Nf3 System Game Examples

CHAPTER 20 Bc4 System

CHAPTER 21 Bc4 System Game Examples