Grivas Method Middlegame Strategies

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Grivas Method Middlegame Strategies
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In chess, strategy is a crucial element of the middlegame that guides you to find the winning move! When you wonder what move to play, ask yourself, “What is my strategy?” and then look to find your next move.

Chess strategy gives your moves purpose and turns you into a chess player instead of a wood pusher. Don’t lose time by letting your pieces wander aimlessly over the board. 

Chess strategy often comes in second behind tactics in most player’s chess training. Yet, knowing your middlegame strategy doesn’t just help you reach favorable endgames; it also enables you to choose the right opening.

The more middlegame strategies you know, the easier it is to choose which opening to play. You want openings that lead to middlegame positions you enjoy playing!

For example, if you prefer to play positions without a pawn weakness, then the isolated queen’s pawn positions are not the best middlegames for you. However, the isolated queen’s pawn is a great chess strategy if you like active piece play, sacrifices, and a space advantage.

Efstratios Grivas is a FIDE Chess Trainer and Arbiter with many years of coaching experience. Make use of his expertise to save yourself time not only in the middlegame but opening too!

Get your hands on a copy of “Grivas Method Middlegame Strategies” and add purpose to your play! You are sure to find a strategy that fits your personal style of play among the many in this book.

An added bonus is it comes in PDF format, which means you can take it anywhere! Tap into Grivas’ wisdom whenever you have a moment of free time, no matter where you are!

Make the smart move towards learning more about chess strategy and watch your rating soar to new heights! 

“The work of Efstratios Grivas is, as usual, very well organized, with logical explanations accompanying the practical examples he has chosen. There are, of course, almost unlimited options in the chess middlegame.

But I am very sure that after examining the current book’s examples, you will most definitely improve. You will gain not only a deeper understanding but also many new ideas for your own chess middlegame play.”

GM Arkadij Naiditsch

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