Greatest 365 Puzzles: Part 1

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Greatest 365 Puzzles: Part 1
Greatest 365 Puzzles: Part 1 Front Cover

The book consists of 365 practical chess puzzles from the first part of 2012 selected into 3 different groups: ”easy”, ”medium” and ”hard”. At the end of the book, you can check your tactical abilities in a test format. Includes great chess puzzle combinations by Carlsen, Aronian, Ivanchuk, and many other top players.

For most players and chess fans, the biggest pleasure in a chess game is to beat an opponent with a beautiful combination — one which we can be proud of. However, to be able to use all the given opportunities and not miss any of these chances, we must stay in sharp form all the time, which we can reach only by
regularly solving puzzles.

Many puzzle books are based on artificial positions, or selected only for their beauty. The concept of this book is different. The highest priority is to “use the practical side of the puzzles” and take the level of calculation to a completely new dimension.

All the puzzles put the reader “in the shoes” of the player and all the practical motifs from the book can definitely be used in your future games!

“In our modern computer era, it is always a delight to see a book which aims to stimulate our brains. Solving tactical positions is a good way of training with a lot of fun. I like the practical concept of the book, bringing the latest examples from practical games.” –GM Peter Leko

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