Great games by women – WGM Anna Rudolf

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22 Great games by women

WGM Anna Rudolf presents an enlightening course analyzing the games of the greatest ever female players, namely Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan.

Both Judit and Hou have reached the elite levels of the game with the youngest Polgar sister breaking into the world top 10 at the height of her career.

You will witness the fascinating and ferocious attacking brilliance of Judit who happily sacrifices material just to get an attack going, knowing that she will be able to overpower her opponent’s defensive capabilities.

Judit’s games against Anand, Shirov and Pantsulaia are both entertaining and hugely instructive examples of the art of attack in chess.

Hou Yifan’s quiet personality hides a similarly steely approach, a determination required to reach the top. Anna Rudolf explores how the Chinese superstar pinpoints weaknesses in the enemy camp and piles on the pressure, producing impressive wins.


1. Introducing Judit Polgar
2. Polgar vs. Anand (1999)
3. Shirov vs. Polgar (1994)
4. Pantsulaia vs. Polgar (2011)
5. Polgar wrap-up
6. Introducing Hou Yifan
7. Koneru vs. Hou (2011)
8. Hou vs. Vallejo Pons (2009)
9. Hou vs. Zhao (2010)

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