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Gm Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 2

Grandmaster Magazine Mega Bundle

The Grandmaster Magazine Mega Bundle brings together every edition of this iconic series, documenting the best chess in the world from 1990-2000.

Experience three world chess championship matches as Garry Kasparov takes on Karpov in Lyon, Nigel Short in London and Vishy Anand in New York. Each match features expert analysis from GM Daniel King revealing the plans of these elite players.

Game analysis is just scratching the surface, however. We get to see interviews with each player before the match, after critical games and at the end of the championship, giving us a unique insight into their changing emotions and the psychological warfare they are waging.

Then we have a chess miracle: the return of Bobby Fischer after 20 years in exile to face Boris Spassky for a rematch. Fischer’s controversial interviews, the brilliant games and discussion about the effect of his return on world chess are all contained in Grandmaster Magazine.

As well as the world championships, the Mega Bundle includes the Intel Grand Prix and Credit Suisse Masters events of 1994-6. A rapidplay tournament taking place over 4 legs in Moscow, New York, London and Paris it hosted the very strongest players in the world including Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Ivanchuk and Judit Polgar among many others.

Again, you get footage of the board as the players frantically bash out their moves with their flag about to fall, hear the crowd cheer brilliancies and listen to the excited commentary of King and Maurice Ashley. These games have everything we love about chess from killer sacrifices to devastating blunders (including perhaps Kasparov’s most famous mistake).

The Mega Bundle also includes coverage of the British Chess Championship and regular features on recent brilliancies and chess lessons from an IM.

This really is a superb piece of chess history, essential viewing for all chess fans.

Included Products:

Grandmaster Magazine: The Chess Murder Mystery

The Grandmaster Magazine brings together footage and analysis of the greatest games, players and events in the chess world.

This edition features the winner of the brilliancy prize from the British Championships 1990 and the details of a fascinating murder case which police needed the help of a Grandmaster to solve.

Grandmaster Magazine: Kasparov – Karpov, World Championship 1990

The 1990 World Championship showcases the great rivalry between Garry Kasparov and his predecessor Anatoly Karpov. GM David Norwood looks at the critical games, analyzing the ferocious attacks (game 2) and staggeringly deep endgame strategy (game 16) as well as reporting on the reactions of the players and fans.

A must for students of chess history.

Grandmaster Magazine: Women in chess

The 3rd edition of Grandmaster Magazine features a fascinating game between two generations of elite players as well as a discussion of the controversial topic of why women’s achievements in chess do not match men’s.

The brilliancy covered is between GM Alexander Khalifman, a former FIDE World Champion, and the Danish legend Bent Larsen. Khalifman’s classical style is pitted against the creative genius of Larsen in an Old Indian setup, leading to a complex game.

Grandmaster Magazine: Nigel Short beats Karpov in the Candidates

IM Wells draws on some of the rich material from recent matches for his lesson on combinations and sacrifices which points out how top players identify opportunities and find winning lines.

Then Malcolm Pein analyzes the games from the Short – Karpov Candidates Semi-Final, with a result that surprised many but not Kasparov, who Nigel Short eventually played for the World Champion title.

Grandmaster Magazine: Alexei Shirov and Judit Polgar

This edition of the Grandmaster Magazine showcases the talent of the brilliant attacking player Alexei Shirov and looks at the reasons for Judit Polgar’s emergence as a chess prodigy.

Grandmaster Magazine: Fischer – Spassky Rematch

WIM Cathy Forbes covers the miraculous return of Bobby Fischer after 20 years in exile to play a rematch against his ’72 opponent, Boris Spassky. With (sometimes secret) camera footage of the chess legend, the controversial press conferences and, of course, analysis of the games, this is a fascinating look at Bobby Fischer.

Grandmaster Magazine: Kasparov – Short

The 1993 World Championship between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short was a first for many reasons. The first time an Englishman had challenged for the official world title (unless you count Gunsberg), the first time Kasparov had played someone other than Karpov and the first time the championship match had been organised outside of FIDE since the governing body’s inception.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1994, Moscow

The Intel Grand Prix was a series of knockout rapidplay events played in 4 cities: Moscow, New York, London and Paris. GM Daniel King analyzes the best games from this exciting tournament which saw a very impressive victory by Vladimir Kramnik over the World Champion Kasparov in the semi-final.

Sicilian attacks and endgame tactics feature in abundance in this enthralling display of chess.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1994, New York

The second leg of the Intel Grand Prix took place in New York, with World Champion Garry Kasparov desperate to win after being eliminated in the semi-final in Moscow. The 18 year old Judit Polgar competed in this event and sensationally beat the title challenger Nigel Short 2-0 in the first round.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1994, London

The third stage of the Intel Grand Prix sees World Champion Garry Kasparov still looking for his first victory and an intriguing battle occurs in round 1 where he is paired with Chess Genius, a computer program running on Intel’s fastest processor.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1994, Paris

The final round of the Intel Grand Prix was played in Paris with World Champion needing a minor miracle to win the event. Kramnik was the current leader with Ivanchuk and Anand just one point behind. However, points would count double in this final. This meant Kasparov could catch up by winning the event – as long as none of the 3 leaders reached the final themselves.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1995, Moscow

This edition of the Grandmaster Magazine follows the first leg of the 1995 Intel Grand Prix in Moscow. 1994’s series had proved popular with players and viewing public alike, with the rapidplay games producing exciting chess and great entertainment.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1995, New York

The New York leg of the Intel Grand Prix welcomed popular American GMs Nick de Firmian and Larry Christiansen with Vishy Anand choosing to sit this one out as he prepared for his upcoming World Championship match against Garry Kasparov.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1995, London

As the Intel Grand Prix moves to London, 4 English GMs join the tournament. Nigel Short, Michael Adams, Jon Speelman and Tony Miles all have unique strengths and styles, making this event even more interesting. The popular Tony Miles stuns Kramnik in round 1 by sacrificing his Knight for a pawn and increased activity for his Rooks. The commentators and audience rise to their feet to applaud the Englishman after he converts the win.

Grandmaster Magazine: Intel Grand Prix 1995, Paris

The Paris leg of the Intel Grand Prix represented the final of the series, with 5 players in the running for overall winner: Kasparov, fresh from a successful title defense; Anand, the beaten challenger, Michael Adams, 20 year old Vladimir Kramnik and Vassily Ivanchuk.

Kasparov raced to the final with impressive 2-0 wins over Morozevich, Georgiev and Anand and was met there by Vladimir Kramnik who beat both French players and Ivanchuk.

Grandmaster Magazine: Credit Suisse Masters 1996

This edition of the Grandmaster Magazine follows the Kremlin Stars tournament in Moscow, with Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand and Judit Polgar among the participants, followed by the Credit Suisse Master which was host to a very famous blunder. The Kremlin Stars highlighted Kramnik’s incredible speed of play with less than 30 seconds remaining, physically moving pieces, hitting the clock and playing strong moves in just 1 second.

Grandmaster Magazine: World Chess Championship 1990

We take a fascinating look at the 1990 World Chess Championship in Lyon played between Kasparov and Karpov in this 3 hour program. Featuring conversations with both players about their opening choices, their reasons for playing certain moves and their psychological battle as well as footage from the playing hall, this is as close as you can get to experiencing a World Championship match.

Grandmaster Magazine: Kasparov – Anand, World Championship 1995

The 1995 World Chess Championship was seen as a big opportunity for a new World Champion. Kasparov was 32 and had lost some of the aura of invincibility of previous year whereas the 25 year old Viswanathan Anand was in the form of his life, having crushed Romanishin and Michael Adams and convincingly beaten Kamsky to get his title shot.

Grandmaster Magazine: Blitz and Blindfold Chess Challenge

After each move we hear the thoughts of the players, giving us a unique glimpse into the mind of a GM, and there is further commentary from IM Andrew Martin. There are plenty of instructive attacks too with both players winning a game thanks to brilliant Queen sacrifices that expose the King and ultimately checkmate him.