GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons – Volume 2

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GM Mesgen Amanov – Chess Lessons (Volume 2)

This course answers one of the big questions: How to get better at chess? There are many answers, but perhaps the most accurate would be: learn from the best sources in the most efficient way and then apply it to your game. GM Mesgen Amanov teaches you how to do exactly that.

There are hundreds of thousands of chess players in the world and they all learn from different sources.

mesgen amanov chess lessons volume 2

Some have their favorite chess authors, some have a private coach, some attend group lessons, some watch their favorite YouTube channels, some watch online courses, and some are just trying to learn on their own.

There are many players who try to do several things at once: studying chess books, watching online courses and attending their local chess club.

With so many options on how to study chess, how do you answer our main question? What is the best source? The answer is, check who is credible, who has experience, and who has shown to the world that their methods are proven to be strong.

Basically, you have to make make sure to do some research.

GM Mesgen Amanov methods brought 3 gold medals at the World Youth Championships for Team USA in 2011, 2017 and 2018. He wants to share his methods with the chess world, and he does it by recording high-quality chess lessons that would help any chess player improve their game.

His procedure is simple: he collects the best material that is out there. GM Mesgen Amanov analyzes hundreds of chess books and picks out positions that he likes the most, and then delivers very clear explanations to make sure his students understand his material in the best way possible.

To make his lessons efficient, he has structured each lesson in an interactive way. GM Amanov talks to his students, asks questions and gives them enough time to think and pause the video. He even includes a pause sign for the perfect moment to press the pause button. All this has to be done to answer YOUR simple question: How to get better at chess?

About the Author

Mesgen Amanov is a chess grandmaster from Turkmenistan. He is currently the highest-rated player in his country and so far he has represented Turkmenistan in 4 Chess Olympiads.

Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov has been a professional chess player and coach for more than 12 years.

Over that time, he has been able to help hundreds of students significantly improve their chess. Many of them have been able to move from chess beginners to experts and masters.

Is this course for me?

mesgen amanov chess lessons 2

This new course is aimed at players rated between 1300 and 2300. How is such a wide range even possible? You can do this only if you have at least 10-15 years of coaching experience, which GM Mesgen Amanov does. It is all about asking questions throughout the lessons in the right direction, with or without hints.

You will find 5 high-quality lessons that feel like you are having a private session with GM Amanov. The presenter asks many questions so you will experience an interactive one-on-one chess course.

After completing the course GM Mesgen Amanov guarantees that you will have learned many more useful strategies, improved your positional understanding and, of course, improved your calculation!

In this course, the presenter does not reveal the name of the lessons so it is truly like having a private coaching session with GM Amanov, and you don’t know what the coach is planning to teach you today.

There is not much we can disclose about this course. You either have to trust GM Amanov that it will improve your overall chess strength or trust hundreds of students who already studied Volume 1 and are pleased to start Volume 2.

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