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Great games by women – WGM Anna Rudolf

The charming Anna Rudolf shows you some brilliant games played by the best female players, including Judit Polgar and World Champion Hou Yifan.

Miss Strategy vs. Miss Tactics – WGM’s Anna Rudolf and Sopiko Guramishvili 

Sopiko Guramishvili (Miss Tactics) joins Anna Rudolf (Miss Strategy) for a look at some of their favorite historical games.

Young Magnus Carlsen – IM Sopiko Guramishvili and IM Anna Rudolf

In this 4.5 hour course, the effervescent duo of Miss Strategy (IM Anna Rudolf) and Miss Tactics (IM Sopiko Guramishivili) look at the early years of Magnus Carlsen with 16 of his most impressive games on the way to becoming the youngest ever Grandmaster, aged 13.

Magnus Carlsen’s Rise to the Top

Part Two of our Magnus Carlsen trilogy covers some of Magnus’ best games from 2004 until the moment he became the world’s number one rated player in 2010. Magnus himself collaborated with us by recommending some of his favorite games from that period!

Magnus Carlsen: World Champion

It all starts with the Candidates in London in 2013, where Magnus almost missed out after a last-round thriller. The next stop is the Chennai World Championship in the same year as Magnus dethrones World Champion Vishy Anand. Anna and Sopiko show the decisive moments from that match.

Finally, Magnus defends his title in a rematch with Vishy in Sochi in 2014, with four games put under the microscope.

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