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‘Gambit Guru’ GM Alterman shows you how to win in style!

Unleash your inner Paul Morphy with the 100+ hour Gambit Guide.

If you’re looking to have more fun from your chess and create more memorable games, start adding some gambits into your opening repertoire! Played for 100s of years, gambits are openings which deliberately give up a pawn (or more) too rapidly develop their pieces, start an attack and destroy the opponent in record time.

The late 1800s saw the rise of the ‘Romantic’ school of chess where swashbuckling attacks and killer sacrifices were the norm. Heroes such as Adolf Anderssen and Paul Morphy created some of the most loved games of all time (the Evergreen Game and the Immortal Game).

Fast-forward to the 1960s and World Champions Tal and Spassky shocked their rivals by daring to play gambits – both had great success.

Nowadays, most club players follow the elite GMs in their choice of openings which means gambits are played less often. However, they are no less dangerous, indeed new ideas are being found all the time.

You can imagine what happens when a club player studies gambits in depth then unleashes them in tournament play. Their unprepared opponents get torn apart. That’s why gambits are now not just the most fun way to play, they’re the most effective way to win too.

“Gambit Guru” GM Boris Alterman (2611 Elo) reveals how to play any gambit in this 100+ hour comprehensive repertoire training.

Combining all 6 volumes of GM Alterman’s 1.e4, 1.d4 and 1.c4/Nf3 Gambit Guides, this Super Pack is the best value option.

Want to emulate Morphy, Spassky and Morozevich by playing the King’s Gambit? GM Alterman has a superb 3-part series on this classic opening. Heard about some of the mayhem the Smith-Morra can cause against Sicilian Defense players? Watch the course and you’ll be terrifying Black with your attacks down the c and d-files.

Perhaps you’re sick of having to face boring, defensive openings like the Caro-Kann or Petroff? There’s a gambit for those too. In fact, you’ll find an aggressive gambit to take down just about any opening with the Gambit Guide.

This isn’t just move memorization either. You learn how to stay one step ahead against any of your opponent’s plans, the dangers you have to be aware of, all the killer attacking formations you need to know and you get to see how Kasparov, Tal and Morphy solved attacking decisions at the board.

As well as giving you the most aggressive opening repertoire around, Alterman’s Gambit Guide also teaches you how to make the most of the middlegame positions. GM Alterman’s focus on explaining the ideas not just dictating moves makes the material easy to learn and remember.

If you want more wins, whether in tournaments or club chess, seriously consider making the Gambit Guide your new repertoire

Included Products:

1.e4 Gambits

122 videos and over 61 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. e4 gambits! The first Mega Pack has all the 1.e4 Gambit Guide openings.

51 different opening series! 4 knights Rubenstein, Alekhine 4 Pawns Attack, Belgrade Gambit, Central Attack Philidor Defence, Chatard Alekhine Attack, Cochrane Gambit, Cordel Gambit, Damiano gambit, Danish Gambit, Dilworth variation, Evans Gambit, Falkbeer Counter Gambit, French Alekhine Gambit, Fried Liver Attack, Gajewski Gambit, Goring Gambit, Grand Prix Attack, HectorGambit, HectorGambitCaro Kann, Italian Koltanowski gambit, Janisch Gambit Ruy Lopez, Kamsky Gambit, Kasparov gambit, Kings Gambit, Kotrvc Mieses Gambit, Latvian Gambit, Lewis Gambit, Marshall Gambit, Max Lange Attack, Milner Barry Gambit, Panov Attack Caro Kann defense, Petroffs Defense Damiano variation, Ponzianis Opening, Riga Variation, Scandinavian Gambit, Schliemann Defense Deferred, Shilling Gambit, Sicilian Moscow variation, Sicilian Nimzowitsch, Siesta Variation, Smith Morra Gambit, Spielmann Gambit, Sveshnikov Sicilian Sacrifices on b5, Tal Gambit, Tartakower variation, Traxler counter attack, Two Knights Chigorin Gambit, Two Knights Morphy Attack, Urusov Gambit, Vienna Frankenstein Dracula, Vienna Gambit

1. d4 Gambits with Bonus

87 videos and over 44 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. c4, 1. d4, 1. f4 and 1. Nf3 gambits! The Second Mega Pack has all the 1.d4 Gambit Guide openings and, as a bonus, 1.c4, 1.Nf3 and 1.f4!

28 different opening series! English-Defense-gambit, English-Openings, Alatorsev-Gambit-in-the-Botvinnik-Semi-Slav, Albin-Countergambit, Anti-Benoni-Benko-system, Beliavsky-Gambit, Benko-Gambit, Blackmar-Diemer-gambit, Blumenfeld-Gambit, Budapest Gambit, Geller-Tolush-Gambit, Gruenfeld-Gambit, Hennig-Schara-Gambit, KID-Saemisch-variation, Krejcik-Gambit, Krush-Gambit, Neo-Benko, Queens-Gambit-Accepted, Semi-Slav-Noteboom-variation, Semi-Slav-Winawer-variation, Staunton-Gambit-Dutch-defense, Taimanov-Flick-Knife-Attack, Torre-Attack-Spassky-Gambit, Trompowsky-Attack-Vaganian-Gambit, Vitolinsh-Gambits, Wagner-Gambit, Froms-Gambit, Polugaevsky-Gambit

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