Fundamentals of Chess Evaluation – GM Elshan Moradiabadi

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Learn How to Play Good Positional Chess

elshan courseIn this course, you will find 8 lessons in which GM Elshan Moradiabadi challenges you to evaluate positions in your own way and then teaches you proper evaluation. You will need to pause the video and think about the position, so you have to be ready to spend 1 hour per lesson.

GM Moradiabadi will be asking you questions and will give you time to think. A pause sign will pop up and let you know when to spend some time on the position.

GM Moradiabadi structured his new course in a way that showcases multiple methods of evaluation using a variety of techniques.

A lot depends on the depths of your positional understanding. If your positional understanding is weak, then your evaluation will be off.

GM Moradiabadi will show you how to use that knowledge to gain a positional advantage so you will know how to apply it after evaluating the position.

You will also get the complete PGN file including the games and examples of each lesson.

This is an interactive course that requires your hard work and you will be asked to pause the video and think about many positions.

fundamentals evaluation chessContent Outline

Lesson 1 – Basic Understanding of Evaluation
Lesson 2 – Development Advantage in Open Positions
Lesson 3 – Development Advantage in Closed Positions
Lesson 4 – Positional Play – Nine Imbalances
Lesson 5 – Dynamic Play – Good Knight vs Bad Bishop
Lesson 6 – Two Bishop Advantage
Lesson 7 – Weak Squares and Outposts
Lesson 8 – Imbalances – Practical Demonstration

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