French Defense Inside Out – IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

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French Defense Inside Out – IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

Alekhine, Botvinnik, Korchnoi, Morozevich… Chess greats who relied on the French Defense to win the big games.

The French is known for being solid but it also gives Black a ton of creative ways to smash open the center and tie White down to passive defense.

In this 10-hour course, IM Zlatanovic shows you how to play the French like a master by…. showing you how the masters play it.

Instead of learning “if you go there, I go here” moves that hardly ever come up in real games, you’re learning where to put your pieces, what exchanges to make, what threats you need to be aware of, and how to play the strongest attacks.

French Defense Inside-Out covers the seven most popular variations including the Advance (3.e5), Winawer (3.Nc3), and Tarrasch (3.Nd2). IM Zlatanovic starts each section with a clear analysis and explanations of grandmaster games, then tests you with practical exercises.

Add This To Your Game:

  • Winning the Exchange. When White plays the Exchange variation (3.exd5), it means they’re scared and hope to play out a tame draw. Zlatanovic teaches you a setup full of firepower, gunning along the center, kingside, and queenside!
  • GM-level Positional Play. When should Black maintain the tension and when should we play …c5-c4? Should you always look to exchange the ‘bad’ light-squared bishop? Which side should you castle on and why? This course will give you strategic insights into all of these questions and more.
  • Deep Strategy. Should Black play …f5, stopping White’s kingside expansion? Or …d4, opening lines and controlling c3/e3 at the risk of losing the pawn later on? (DIAGRAM) Believe it or not, this is a game-deciding moment. Take this training and you will get decisions like this right.
  • Countering Kasparov. Kasparov pioneered the early, aggressive Ne5 line… and it can cause Black problems if they’re unprepared. Zlatanovic makes sure you ARE prepared, however, with an almost silent pawn move that completely neutralizes White’s ideas.
  • Elite Strategies. IM Zlatanovic analyzes and explains strategies for both sides as played by greats such as Spassky, Korchnoi, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Kramnik, and Kasparov. Are your opponents going to play at this level? No, they will fall apart fast.

The Result: Deep understanding of the ideas behind the French Defense, and the ability to apply them in a real-game situation.

It will change the way you learn openings for good. Learn the French Defense Inside Out!

About the Author

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [2438 FIDE]Boroljub Zlatanovic

Boroljub Zlatanovic is an International Master and professional chess coach from Serbia. Boroljub has been coaching chess for more than 15 years and his students have shown outstanding results in Youth and Junior Championships.

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10 hours




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Chapter List


Chapter 01

  1. Exchange Variation Model Game 1-Marshall-Nimzowitsch
  2. Exchange Variation Model Game 2-Slavina-Rajlich
  3. Exchange Variation Exercise 1-Winter-Alekhine
  4. Exchange Variation Exercise 2-J Polgar-Kramnik

Chapter 02

  1. Advance Variation Model Game 1-Dominguez-Djurhuus
  2. Advance Variation Model Game 2-Timman-Nikolic
  3. Advance Variation Exercise 1-Sveshnikov-Balashov
  4. Advance Variation Exercise 2-Nimzowitsch-Salwe

Chapter 3

  1. Rubinstein Variation Model Game 1-Kasparov-Ponomariov
  2. Rubinstein Variation Model Game 2-Schlechter-Rubinstein

Chapter 4

  1. Tarrasch C5 Model Game 1-Kovalev-Vocaturo
  2. Tarrasch C5 Model Game 2-Ilyin Zhenevsky-Botvinnik
  3. Tarrasch C5 Exercise 1-Stanojoski-Salgado
  4. Tarrasch C5 Exercise 2-Karpov-Korchnoi

Chapter 5

  1. Tarrasch Nc6 Model Game 1-Marjanovic-Kovacevic
  2. Tarrasch Nc6 Model Game 2-Szostko-Zlatanovic
  3. Tarrasch Nc6 Model Game 3-Lazic-Zlatanovic
  4. Tarrasch Nc6 Exercise-Todorovic-Zlatanovic

Chapter 6

  1. Steinitz Variation Model Game 1-Radovanovic-Sharan
  2. Steinitz Variation Model Game 2-Tarrasch-Teichmann
  3. Steinitz Variation Model Game 3-Wang Li-Gleizerov
  4. Steinitz Variation Exercise 1-Steinitz-Sellman
  5. Steinitz Variation Exercise 2-Kramnik-Radjabov
  6. Steinitz Variation Exercise 3-Timman-Chernin

Chapter 7

  1. Winawer Variation Model Game 1-Khruschiov-Psakhis
  2. Winawer Variation Model Game 2-Spassky-Korchnoi
  3. Winawer Variation Model Game 3-Hovhannisyan-Zlatanovic
  4. Winawer Variation Model Game 4-Cheparinov-Grischuk
  5. Winawer Variation Exercise 1-Tolush-Botvinnik
  6. Winawer Variation Exercise 2-Colovic-Jacimovic
  7. Winawer Variation Exercise 3-Plichthoffer-Riefner