Fight Like Magnus – IM Christof Sielecki

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Fight Like Magnus – Im Christof Sielecki

World Champion Magnus Carlsen has an astonishing record playing the Sicilian in classical time controls. He hasn’t lost a game in it since 2011.

Black’s most combative response to the king pawn opening is, along with 1…e5, the Norwegian’s main weapon.

As a measure of importance, 1…c5 served as Carlsen’s go-to counterattack during his successful 2018 world title defense against Fabiano Caruana.

A Message from the Champ:

“Everyone knows I rate the Sicilian highly, especially the Sveshnikov line. In this new course, IM Sielecki explains many critical lines from my games. He created a coherent, fighting repertoire. My team and I are always pushing the boundaries of chess theory. After studying this course, you’ll be set to discover the next novelty together with me. Enjoy!”

– Magnus Carlsen, Nov 2019


Who better to base your game on than one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, Sicilian players in history?

In the first collaboration between Chessable and chess24, Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian reveals the secrets of Carlsen’s elite-level repertoire that is centered around his pet Sveshnikov line.

Fight Like Magnus – Im Christof Sielecki

IM Christof Sielecki, aka ChessExplained, has mined the champion’s entire career playing the Sicilian to produce a complete repertoire packed with the strongest, most active choices.

Lock ‘n load Carlsen’s Sveshnikov!

These are Carlsen’s preferred moves – plus a few extra suggestions, fine-tuned by IM Sielecki himself.

The course consists of 12 main chapters dealing with all White’s responses, model games, and a ‘Quickstarter Guide’ to get you underway fast. Sidelines and sub-optimal moves are examined as well – not just 30 elite move lines!

About the Author:

Christof Sielecki is a German International Master. He started to play chess professionally in 1987 at the age of 13, then he earned the FM title, breaking 2300 Elo rating at the age of 21.

He was able to cross the 2400 Elo barrier and earn his first IM norm two years after becoming a Fide Master.

His victory at the Latschach Open in 2013 ahead of many strong GMs. In league chess, he won the Dutch Team Championships in the Netherlands with Voerendaal in 2012.

What will I learn from these courses?

All the major choices are have been played by Carlsen himself, showing his belief in the merit of the line, and are fully explained with insights from IM Sielecki.

But this full repertoire course is not merely copying Carlsen’s lines.

IM Sielecki’s Magnus Opus

IM Sielecki has painstakingly hunted down what his subject considers the key moves he plays in the matches that matter.

In London in 2018, during the world championship, Carlsen played seven games with the Black pieces against Caruana, and all of them featured the Sicilian.

More than 20 hours of video instruction

Few would dispute that Carlsen, has made the Sveshnikov his own.

Now you can brandish the Sicilian in just the same way. Play the Sicilian like Carlsen. Fight Like Magnus.

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Content Outline

Chapter List

  1. Quickstarter Guide.
  2. Sveshnikov Sidelines.
  3. Sveshnikov 7.Nd7.
  4. 9.Bxf6 – 11.c3.
  5. 9.Bxf6 – 11.Bd3.
  6. Nd5 Sidelines.
  7. 9.Nd5 with 11.c3.
  8. Rossolimo with Bxc6.
  9. Rossolimo without Bxc6.
  10. Alapin.
  11. Grand Prix Attack and Other.
  12. Sidelines on move 2.
  13. Sidelines on move 3.
  14. Model games Sveshnikov.
  15. Model games Anti-Sicilian.