Exploring tactics – GM Matthew Sadler

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matthew sadlersGrandmaster Matthew Sadler analyses some fascinating games and provides real insights into the recognition of tactical patterns.

Over the course of 3 hours, Matthew reveals exactly how he decides how to continue in tactical positions, consistently finding the continuations that are most awkward for his opponent.

Not only will this series give you a host of new tactical themes, it will also show you how a GM calculates, what he considers and what he ignores and how he comes to a useful evaluation at the end of it all.

If you wish to take your tactical ability to a more advanced level, and get the rewards that skill delivers, then this is a highly recommended course!


1. Who is Matthew Sadler?
2. Slingerland-Sadler – Part 1
3. Slingerland-Sadler – Part 2
4. Sadler vs Schrama – Part 1
5. Sadler vs Schrama – Part 2
6. Sadler vs Hawkins – Part 1
7.  Sadler vs Hawkins – Part 2
8. Kleijn vs Sadler – Part 1
9. Kleijn vs Sadler – Part 2
10. Aronian-Ivanchuk – Part 1
11. Aronian-Ivanchuk – Part 2
12. Sadler vs Kravtsiv

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3 hours 11 minutes





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