Exchange Pieces Like a Pro – IM Asaf Givon & Angelo Kesaris

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Exchange Pieces Like A Pro – Im Asaf Givon & Aggelos Kesaris

How to Exchange Pieces Like a Pro – IM Asaf Givon, Angelo Kesaris

Exchange Pieces Like A Pro – Im Asaf Givon & Aggelos Kesaris

Knowing which pieces to keep and which to exchange is one of the most important skills in chess. Less experienced players often think exchanging means to swap pieces of equal value and fail to take strategic factors into account.

Of course, you have to keep the material balance in mind but it is crucial to realize how exchanges affect the position.

In this course, IM Asaf Givon explains how to make decisions in exchanging the pieces, how to isolate the opponent’s bad pieces and how to create weaknesses.

This technical skill of expertly exchanging pieces is one of the best-kept secrets of master play. Masters know when a bishop is better and when a knight is better — and they trade them accordingly.

They know when their attack is winning —  or if they need to exchange more key enemy defenders first.

They know which endgames (no matter how nuanced) are easily winning, and how to force trades that will land them in these endgames.

And these are just a few of the dozens of scenarios where grandmasters have a mental “toolbox” of strong piece exchange methods at their disposal.

Is it any wonder that beating them feels impossible?

About the Author:

IM Asaf Givon

Asaf Givon is an International Master who has played for the Kfar Saba team in the first Israeli chess league. He gained his IM title in 2013, and he currently has 2 GM norms. He started teaching chess at 16 years old.

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is an active chess coach.

He has taught Greek students since 2003, and has worked in a number of chess clubs. Currently, he gives lessons at Dias Petroupolis, the biggest chess club in Greece with more than 500 members.

In 2017, he created a chess club, Pyrros Ioanninon; he holds the president position.

He has worked with Remote Chess Academy from 2011. Currently, he is working on the Academy Department, helping other titled authors create quality chess courses.

How is this course going to help me?

“Exchange Pieces Like a Pro” has been truly designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the real reasons why grandmasters exchange pieces when it is more convenient to them, which usually gives them enough advantage to win a game.

You are guaranteed to add serious rating points with the Piece Exchange secrets that you will learn in this course.

Here’s part of what you’ll learn:

Simplify and Win:

Exchange Pieces Like A Pro – Im Asaf Givon & Aggelos KesarisIn Lesson 13 you’ll learn deeper, more effective methods of exchanging pieces at the right moment — these are the methods GMs use to smoothly go from a better position, to a technically winning endgame, in a flash.

Exchange Attackers, Defend Yourself…Exchange Defenders, Attack the Enemy:

You’ll learn IM Givon’s methods to exchange all of the key defenders on the enemy kingside — this makes your own attack automatically unstoppable!

In the same chapter, you learn how to trade your enemies’ most aggressive pieces when you’re on the defensive…leaving him with the same ambition — but ZERO power in his attack — then watch him lash out in frustration with unsound sacrifices! (chapter 8)

Exchange for Better (Quality) Pieces:

IM Givon shows how to use small nuances in pawn structure to judge which pieces are strategically better and then trade into winning positions (Lesson 11).

And this 3.5-hour course comes with unique training software featuring one-click access to all video lessons, training materials, practical tests, a 120-page workbook, and PGNs.

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Running Time

3.5 hours

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Content Outline

Chapter List:

1. Introduction
2. Hierarchy of the Chess Pieces
3. How to Choose Your Other Half?
4. Evaluate the Chess Pieces Like a Pro
5. The 5 Most Important Rules on Trades
6. Exchange Material for Precious Stones
7. Isolating a Bad Piece
8. Defensive Exchanges
9. Good Endgame
10. Create Weaknesses
11. Create Weaknesses
12. Decision Making-Exchanges or not
13. Material Advantage
14. Space Disadvantage